BookingBuilder Product Release Notes



434M2 is our latest version - (Note: we have discontinued support for the 300 series of our software)



Release Notes for Version 434M2 - 1/30/19  (Numbers shown before items are internal BB references) 


New in the software

  • Added a Clear button to the System Monitor form's Event list
  • Add "Once per PNR" to Genie Guard Time
  • Made  Lookup Table token functionality billable and added a message that use of this functionality may incur additional charges
  • To better identify which groups have opted in to receive auto updates, we now display the upgrades to information on the welcome page for each group. (This only shows the latest entry with the minimum build so if a specific computer has a build less than the minimum it will not be able to be determined what version that specific computer will upgrade to.)
  • Added the GoResDoNotUseFilter key to the Advanced Configuration Control drop down
  • Added functionality to the BBDesktop Options page to turn Profile and Confirmation reading off/on



Admin site

  • 815 – Added an identifier to determine whether a group is an auto update group
  • 1417 – Made  Lookup Table token functionality billable and added a message that use of this functionality may incur additional charges
  • 2231 – Added a note to the Read Data from Variables page that new variable can be added but existing variables cannot be changed using the read data from variables action
  • 2275 – Fixed an issue that was preventing some general data entry functionality from being respected using Chrome
  • 2285 – Enlarged the field sizes on the Company Info page
  • 2294 – Added a Group ID column for sorting to the table on the group’s Welcome page
  • 2319 – Replaced the Done button on the Edit as Text forms with OK and Cancel buttons allowing users to cancel from that window without making changes




  • 1169 - Improved text appearance on the About screen when the system Font is not standard
  • 1330 – Added a Clear button to the System Monitor form's Event list
  • 1414 – Added functionality to the BBDesktop Options page to turn Profile and Confirmation reading off/on
  • 1733 – Added a  "Once per PNR" selection to Genie Guard Time
  • 2150 – Revised email parsing behavior to better handle responses containing 5 or more email entries in Sabre
  • 2213 – Fixed an issue that was allowing BBDesktop to close or restart in the middle of an update
  • 2260 – Fixed an issue that was preventing the Fare Search screen from coming to front when re-initiated if the  “Close when Web button is clicked” checkbox is NOT enabled
  • 2261 – Fixed an issue that was preventing a Send to Support popup from appearing when a confirmation could not be entered using new WN scripts
  • 2273 – Fixed an issue that was preventing the Southwest supplier options popup from appearing after clicking book in IFQ when UseNewWebComm is unset/true
  • 2287 – Revised Browser Control behavior to no longer launch IE if another browser fails to launch properly when they are set as the default browser
  • 2292 - The Script Editor option Open at startup setting should now be honored even if window is not closed before restart
  • 2297 – Revised Hotel Availability Command parsing to better recognize number of days using Amadeus
  • 2298 – Revised Email parsing behavior to better handle reading the underscore and equals characters when they appear in Sabre email lines
  • 2307 – Removed parenthesis from a Sabre remark added during confirmation processing
  • 2311 – Revised default Sabre FOP behavior to better handle credit card parsing when multiple cards are present
  • 2312 – Revised confirmation handling to add SegmentReference and FirstSegment, LastSegment macro variables for accounting entries
  • 2313 – Added the GoResDoNotUseFilter key to the Advanced Configuration Control drop down
  • 2316 – Inability to delete Temp file used during update, should no longer cause the update to fail
  • 2318 – Revised  confirmation handling logic for calculating pricing per passenger per step Rail confirmations
  • 2337 – Revised file throttle behavior to not allow a crash to cause BBDesktop to hang
  • 2347 –Profile and Availability windows will no longer save their last size and position when minimized or maximized when closed.



  •  2267 – Fixed an issue that was preventing the VPCANCEL window from coming to front


Hotfix 2 (hotfixes are used to quicky fix issues after a version has been released)

  • 2379 – Fixed an issue that was preventing AccountVendorCode and CustomData variables handled by Genie scripts from being entered on confirmations in Amadeus
  • 2382 – If only supplier changes are present during an update, BB no longer requires a restart to apply the update
  • 2385, 2390 –The IFQ book button and Confirmation entry to GDS for WN (only broken in 434M2) is fixed


Hotfix 1 

  • 2364 - Fixed an issue that was causing city pair search options to disappear when selected from a saved search on the Availability UI
  • 2365 – Fixed an issue that sometimes caused an exception during start up that also generated excessively large log files
  • 2368 - Revised Canned Profile credit card reading to better handle variations in the form of payment line using Amadeus
  • 2369 – Revised Canned Profile address reading to better handle all standard formatted addresses in Amadeus




********  OLDER VERSIONS ********



Release Notes for Version 434M1 - 10/10/18  

New in the software


  • Shared File Functionality means BBDesktop can now share its cache folder instead of it being in the user's local app data folder. This should allow TS machines (and even shared machines) to only have one copy of the cache instead of one per user. This should save a significant amount of disk space for terminal servers. 
  • Multi Sabre Functionality now allows BBD to connect to multiple instances of live Sabre simultaneously
  • Added a Settings section for browsers that allows users to select which browser to use for "launching new pages"  and a checkbox to only monitor that browser.  This would allow us to use a browser that isn't the default and limit the work BB does monitoring multiples if it’s unnecessary.


Admin Site

  • 2025 – Added functionality to clean up Unicode characters when pasting Lookup Table data from outside sources
  • 2137 – Fixed an issue that was preventing the Computer count on the Group webpage from displaying accurately
  • 2217 – Fixed an issue that prevented the Group Supplier settings grid returning results when sorted by region North America
  • 2240 – Fixed an issue that was interfering with the Genie prompt Test button functionality using the Chrome browser




  • 978, 2232 – Added the ability to run multiple instances of Sabre simultaneously using new GDSInterfaces (must have UseNewGDSInterfaces key to True).  *Please note that, as of 10/09/18, the new interfaces are currently supporting only the Sabre and Amadeus GDS and, at this time, should not be enabled for those using Apollo, Galileo or Worldspan GDS
  • 1943 – Added the currency code in the Amadeus pricing record entries
  • 2024 - Added a Settings section for browsers that allows users to select which browser to use for "launching new pages"  and a checkbox to only monitor that browser
  • 2090 – Added functionality to view variable type to the Variables tab of the Configuration form
  • 2092 – Fixed an issue that was forcing Genie Condition variables to be handled as a String regardless of the type selected in prompt creation
  • 2138 – Fixed an issue with the High Contrast Dark theme that was obscuring menu items during Virtual Payment Processing
  • 2177 – Revised Smartpoint plugin installer behavior to allow a flag that will point to Program Files instead of a user's AppData folder when looking for the plugin file
  • 2182 – Fixed an issue that prevented the Price column in IFQ from respecting the High Contrast Dark theme
  • 2198 – Fixed an issue that was preventing the Availability window from closing in a timely manner
  • 2201 – Added Shared Cache File Functionality allowing BBDesktop to share its cache folder instead of it being in the user's local app data folder
  • 2214 – The Cancel Clicked state is now retained by the next prompt when using “Fire Actions from Named Prompt”
  • 2221 – Fixed an issue that had caused traveler names ending with “ii” to fill to the suffix box on the Profile Information UI
  • 2222 -  Fixed an issue that was preventing manually entered name suffixes from filling to the Supplier webpage
  • 2158 – It is no longer possible to launch more than one manual VPP window at a time
  • 2184 – The Installer will no longer only check for Internet Explorer browser windows to be closed (It now looks for Chrome as well)
  • 2259 – Fixed an issue with that was preventing the Default, Append and Exclusive usage settings from being respected using the locally saved Canned Profiles
  • 1579, 2274 & 2277 – Revised browser handling to better facilitate the use of Chrome in Availability and Confirmation reading



  • 1970 – Added functionality to set the data table from a script for Grid Notification Windows


Unused Tickets

  • 2229 – Added Account Number processing functionality to unused tickets for use with all GDS
  • 2230 – Fixed an issue that caused flashing in the Unused Tickets grid when there were no rows to display
  • 2250 -  Fixed an issue with the new Unused Tickets form stealing the focus from the GDS when displayed



Release Notes for Version 434 - 8/18/18


New in the Software:

  • The Canned Profile handling system has been replaced. The new system accesses the data from the GDS or from the local computers registry using the new CPEncryptor Tool. Storing of canned profile information on the BB admin site has been retired as of BB version 434.
  • BB Desktop has begun to work with Chrome. If the computer’s default browser is set as Chrome, Southwest Airline’s website will open in Chrome.  Currently this functionality only works for Southwest. More suppliers will follow.    


Admin Site

  • 1963 – Added a column on the Genie Prompts List page for GDS Name
  • 2052 & 2173 – Added Canned Profile from GDS administration to the group Edit Profile Settings page
  • 2072 – Fixed an issue that prevented a message from being displayed when invalid credentials are entered on the login page
  • 2079 – Fixed an issue that allowed the originally created account to be deleted while not allowing deletion for subsequent accounts when adding multiple accounts to an administrator’s permissions
  • 2098 – Fixed an issue that was preventing the lookup table(s) from being selected when more than one filter is specified
  • 2106 – Revised the "Prompt at GDS Fare Search" section of the BBDesktop Options page to display the FXD entry instead of FXC
  • 2109 – Revised the legacy Edit Canned Profiles functionality to allow for the selection of credit card expiry year past 2035 in drop down menu
  • 2110 – Revised the Change installer text from Release 400 to Release 400 Series
  • 2125 – Revised Lookup Table condition handling to use unique parameters names
  • 2129 –When creating a new group, the settings copied from the source group will now to include Profile Settings, VPP Settings, and legacy Canned Profile Settings
  • 2135 – Fixed an issue on the EditGroupVPPConfiguration page that was allowing the Enable Virtual Payment Processing option to revert to a preselected state
  • 2144 – Fixed an issue with prompt Copy/Paste which cause the Ask User For Input Genie action to paste blank when there were multiple action levels




  • 77 – Chrome can now be used for Southwest.  Additional suppliers to follow.
  • 1837 – Added functionality to enter the @ symbol into Sabre without it translating to the pillow/change character. UseNewGDSInterfaces must be set to True on the Advance menu on the BB Configuration screen. To identify the actual @ symbol rather that he pillow/change use \@.
  • 1885 – Added the ability to hide the Smartpoint GDS Info Entry window
  • 1931, 1952 & 2052 – Revised the handling of Canned Profiles
  • 2096 –Updated the Profile handling process to better parse instances where the name element consists of two first names with no middle name using Sabre
  • 2102 – Revised Custom Fill In behavior to allow fill in variables to find elements by Name in addition to Id
  • 2104 – Fixed an issue with the Prompt Trace form that caused the Copy to Clipboard functionality to copy data from the wrong field
  • 2105 – Fixed a grammatical typo on the Pause Before Entering HHPR form
  • 2113 – Revised GDS Fare Search behavior to indicate “No Results” in the IFQ status when no results are returned for a query
  • 2120 – Revised the installation browser check to include looking for open instances of Chrome (in addition to IE) before proceeding with install
  • 2123 – Added the option to turn the Enhanced Protection Mode (EPM) enabled message off and on from the Settings tab on the Configuration form
  • 2148 – Revised the Restart messaging behavior to not ask for restart if the selected theme is the same as the current theme
  • 2153 – Made an adjustment to improve the performance during web page opening from the availability window on some systems.
  • 2154 – Fixed an issue with Default Profile handling that caused Post Office Box numbers more than 4 digits long to be read as the Zip Code
  • 2169 – Fixed an issue that caused the Load GDS Settings event to fire twice when changing groups
  • 2176 – Fixed an issue with IFQ Web Page Supplier Detection that was preventing the itinerary from filling to the Supplier web page
  • 2200 – Fixed an issue with Custom Profiles that was preventing the Date of Birth from being read
  • 2197, 2215 & 2219 – Optimized our Worldspan connectivity to improve responsiveness when not using Filter Agent.
  • 2220 – Added the GoResUseFilterWithTS key to the Advanced options on the Configuration form.  This functionality, when set, will force BBD to connect to Worldspan using only the Filter Agent in a Terminal Server environment, which would normally default to ECH.




  • 1479 – Fixed an issue that was preventing the @ symbol from being recognized as the pillow (¤) in Genie prompts for Apollo
  • 2108 – Fixed an issue that had caused the New Domain initiating event to fire in Chrome for URLs that aren't browser windows
  • 2128 – Genie should no longer return true for multiple exists conditions when any exist condition matches.




  • 2067, 2091, 2130 & 2140 – Fixed an issue that had caused the High Contrast Dark theme to obscure error log text and formatting on Virtual Payment and HHPR forms
  • 2094 – Fixed an issue that was allowing alpha characters to be entered into the Additional Amount field of the Virtual Payment forms
  • 2095 – Fixed an issue that was preventing the manual entry of begin/end cities and date/times on the VPUPDATE form
  • 2133 & 2134 – Revised Virtual Payment handling of Additional Data fields to prevent name based or empty value exceptions 
  • 2156 – Fixed an issue that was preventing Departure and Arrival times from being displayed during the VPUPDATE process



Release Notes for Version 433M2 - 4/17/18 (Numbers shown before items are internal BB references) 


Admin Site

  • 2085 – Fixed a grammatical typo On the Manage Lookup Table Access Tokens page



  • 2066 – Fixed an issued with the HC Dark theme that was causing the IFQ Supplier login list to display as black text on a black background  
  • 2070 – Fixed an issue with grid NW handling that was preventing multi-word column names from being displayed
  • 2074 – Fixed an issue that was generating an exception when the Send to Support form was opened while BB was disconnected from a GDS.
  • 2075 – Added ability to select a credit card expiry date of up to 25 years out through the Profile Information UI  
  • 2077 – Fixed an issue with Supplier variable handling that was causing the wrong vendor variables to be used during the Confirmation process.  (for example, processing AC instead of AC3)
  • 2087 – Fixed a grammatical typo on the Send to Support form



  • 2069 -  Added ability to allow all viewed column data to be usable by the document functionality in Unused Tickets





Release Notes for Version 433M1 - 3/20/18 


Known issues

  • On the ManageLookupTableAccessTokens page, when naming  a new token there is a minimum character length for acceptance flag which isn’t being displayed that should read, “Token name must be at least 10 characters long.”


New in the Software

  • Added functionality to assign tags to LT Tokens and groups of tokens which can be used to filter results and add/delete tokens from tables.


Admin Site

  • 1976 – Added advanced management capabilities for LT Tokens allowing users to assign tags to tokens or groups of tokens
  • 2040 – Added additional data fields for computer management to the Edit Group Assigned page
  • 2050 – Fixed Copy/Paste issues that were impacting the dropdown list appearance of the Ask User for Input prompt



  • 2007 – Fixed an issue that was preventing fare quote FQ commands from being recognized in Smartpoint  Apollo



  • 2039 -  Fixed an issue regarding NW placement with the Relative to GDS setting on machines using a scaled font that was causing the NW to appear on the wrong monitor for users in a multiple monitor environment
  • 2051 – Revised WPF handling to add a minimum size to the auto size controls for the Ask User for Input prompt



  • 2068 – Fixed an issue that had caused the VPCANCEL process to display "0" instead of the deployment ID in the GDS




Release Notes for Version 433 - 2/27/18 


Known issues

  • In VPP, some data entry forms such as the Virtual Payment Entry, Update & Cancel contain field names that display as black on a black background when using the BB High Contrast Dark theme
  • During the VPCancel operation, a deployment ID of 0 displays in the GDS but our logs indicate that we are tracking and sending the correct ID to Conferma


New in the Software

  • In order to be more compatible with our vendor’s support needs, we’ve upgraded BBDesktop to now run in .Net 4.5 and updated web calls to use the TLS 1.2


Admin Site

  • 2047 – Fixed an issue that interfered with the display of the Add/Edit User Prompt using compatibility mode in IE 7 & 8



  • 1999 – Added functionality for the User Prompt Genie window to display tooltips and better indicate fields containing errors




  • 1274, 1842, 1982  – Updated window style consistency and resolved form display issues related to the use of Zoom by migrating all windows and forms to WPF
  • 1918 – Added  update validation to the BBUpdate process to detect missing prompts
  • 2000 – Revised command/response parsing behavior to better handle pricing commands in Apollo Smartpoint
  • 2016 – Revised handling of PNR variables to ensure they are cleared with the Ignore command in Apollo Smartpoint
  • 2037 – Revised profile address parsing behavior to better handle addresses with multiple word city names when the line breaks
  • 2060 – Fixed an issue where Hotel Availability End Date always parsed as 1 day after the End Date in Worldspan
  • 2062 – Revised HTML rendering behavior to ensure all Notification Windows are displayed as part of a user prompt.




Release Notes for Version 432M3 - 1/17/18  


Known issues

  • The chrome plugin needs a json file to tell it about the extension.  That file is created when the plugin is first installed and never again (at least currently).  If that file is missing, (i.e., the Bin folder gets deleted) the plugin doesn’t work.  A fix to restore this missing file will be in BB 433 but for now the workaround is to go into the Bin folder and run lmgooglechromehost /install


New in the Software

  • Add the ability to allow the user to turn the browser disabled dialog back on after turning it off
  • The Ask User for Input functionality has been rewritten in WPF. There is a UseNewUserPrompt registry setting (in the advanced config window) that can be used to turn it off. It is on by default.
  • Added the ability to download spreadsheet content into the dropdown list of the Ask User for Input action
  • Users can specify the browser type to open in the genie launch browser action



Admin Site

  • 1542 – Added ability to download spreadsheet content into the dropdown list of the Ask User for Input action
  • 1764 – Fixed an issue where the Unused tickets Test button wasn’t functional for sets running Win 7 Pro
  • 1971 – Added a translation note to the GDS Settings page. “Note the following items are translated to @ during email reading: .AT., //”
  • 2003 – Added functionality to specify the browser type to open in the genie launch browser action
  • 2018 – Updated the Variable list available in end of Confirmation macros to remove invalid variables



  • 1955 – Fixed an issue where time zones weren’t accounted for when calculating Flight Duration Minutes in Genie
  • 2001, 2013 – Revised the Launch Browser behavior of Genie to better handle launching to URLs that do not specify a protocol prefix using Chrome          
  • 2026 – Remote data/Account number capturing now includes more unique identifiers for tracking



  • 941 – improved Apollo availability command recognition
  • 1950, 1986   – various appearance improvements
  • 1965 – Revised Tracker behavior to include Hotel Name reading from Genie variables in Sabre
  • 1975, 1995, 2010,2011, 2019 – Improved default profile reading
  • 1996 – Revised Confirmation processing for flights using alternate supplier codes
  • 2005 – The hide browser extension dialog can now be launched after it has been hidden
  • 2015 – Improved custom variable web page entries to be more reliable




Release Notes for Version 432M2 - 12/15/17


Admin Site

  • 1979 – Added Group and Company information to the BookingBuilder Desktop Options page of the Admin site



  • 592 & 1164 – Revised Smartpoint plugin behavior to better handle remarks and other scenarios where xml is no longer supported
  • 1890 - Added a Recheck Open Web Browsers button to the Diagnostics tab of the Configuration form
  • 1933 – Revised the language for the "Set maximum web pages to open" setting to read, “Alert when maximum pages exceeds” to better describe this settings function
  • 1934 –  Added copy/paste functionality to the Configuration form for values within the data grids
  • 1951 – Fixed an issue with the Regex Tester to allow pasting of multiple lines of text into the text control
  • 1960 - Fixed an issue with the Sabre interface where certain special symbols from the GDS were not being translated to standard ASCII characters
  • 1964 – Revised symbol translation behavior to prevent issues with TSA remarks handling in Apollo
  • 1972 – Optimized row virtualization to provide a more seamless transition between tab on the Configuration menu



  • 1977 - Fixed an issue with the isCancelled value to prevent the cancelled state from being incorrectly set when the prompt is triggered by profile requested




Release Notes for Version 432M1 - 11/15/17 


Admin Site

  • 1938 - Added filter functionalities to sort the lookup table grid by checked/unchecked and copy from other groups in the same company to the Unused Tickets Configuration page
  • 1945 – Fixed a text truncation issue that was affecting the max character length of Notification Window buttons



  • 1912 – Revised Default Confirmation Email behavior to prevent overwriting of email selections made locally
  • 1925 & 1941 – Implemented Address line 3 parsing on the Profile UI
  • 1935 – Added padding to Configuration Form tab text
  • 1936 – Added functionality to turn off the enable browser dialog
  • 1939 – Revised file unzip behavior to prevent file version mismatches
  • 1940 – Fixed an issue that was preventing manually entered Known Traveler numbers from filling to the supplier webpage
  • 1947 – Applied Prompts tab UI improvements related to content and sizing
  • 1949 – Fixed a sizing issue with the Canned Profile dialog buttons in high contrast themes
  • 1974 – Fixed an issue that caused addresses with state names instead of state codes not to fill in the profile window with the state.
  • 1958 – Fixed an issue with the BBDesktop tray menu becoming unresponsive.




Release Notes for Version 432 - 10/16/17


  • Added functionality to distinguish between “new” and “old” Sabre Red on the Admin site
  • Added character translation for both GDS & group from the Admin site
  • Updated the invoicing and payment related Admin site functions to reflect a more comprehensive billing system
  • Added a High Contrast Dark theme (see known issue above)



Admin Site

  • 1870 - Added translation functionality allowing different character combinations to be translated to other characters not already present in the GDS (by both GDS and group) to the Edit GDS Settings page of the Admin site
  • 1899 – Added logic to better distinguish between interface names when running various versions of Sabre.  Red App now display as "Sabre Red App" (was "Sabre Red") on the View All Computers page of the Admin site
  • 1932 – Updated the invoicing and payment related Admin site functions to reflect a more comprehensive billing system



  • 1167 – Added a High Contrast Dark theme
  • 1279 – Implemented supplier specific alternate city codes to availability results (Most visible in rail supplier results)
  • 1748 – Revised GDS Fare Search logic to enable switching to another work area for fare searches when a PNR is active in the current work area  
  • 1855 – Implemented Translation settings to profile reading (related to 1870)
  • 1914 – Revised default processing behavior of GDS Tracker to better handle Frequent Flier data in Apollo
  • 1916 – Fixed a logging issue that was preventing the GDSInterfaceV2 log from being generated
  • 1919 – Profile Requested Genie event is now fired when selecting the “Display Different Profile” button on the Profiles window
  • 1922 – Revised  email address parsing to better handle various types of address line wrapping using Sabre
  • 1926 – Revised the GDS connectivity message displayed during profile handling to more accurately reflect when a lack of command/response from the GDS during the profile process (instead of reading as a name count issue)
  • 1946 – Revised name code handling during pulse to ensure the friendly build name is displayed on the Admin site.



  • 1801 – Revised logging behavior of the new Unused Tickets interface to now log to its own named file rather than to the Genie log
  • 1921 – A null reference exception should no longer occur when marking a profile section handled in a genie script and setting its value to null



  • 1835 -  Added functionality to Read VPP deployment data from a specific area
  • 1841 – Added functionality allowing VPUPDATE  and VPCANCEL to handle multiple supplier deployments within a PNR




Release Notes for Version 431M2 - 9/20/17 

  • Added new Smartpoint Installer plugin (Installer only)
  • Added Account Number based eligibility settings for VPP
  • Added functionality to disable credit card reading for Profiles (for PCI Compliance)
  • Added the “Today” and “TodayDateOnly” variable to all Genie events




  • 1445 – Added Account Number based eligibility settings
  • 1880 – Fixed an issue that was resulting in PNR ineligibility when the eligibility overrides settings were empty.
  • 1881 – Revised parsing behavior to check for Office ID and not PCC when the Agent Sine is present using Amadeus


Admin Site

  • 1793 – Added functionality to disable credit card reading for profiles to the BBDesktop Options page
  • 1867 –Fixed an issue that was preventing the BB client update when clicking the “Prepare for Download” link on the Edit Profile Settings page
  • 1876 – Added options for “FirstName” and “LastName” to the Frequent Flier capture list on the Edit Profile Settings page
  • 1889 - Added a move function for items in the "GDS Command" box so users can rearrange the lines on the Edit Profile Settings page
  • 1891 – Revised labels and added a disclaimer in the ID Manager for BlueInc to make the page functionality more intuitive
  • 1892 - Added a text editor to view/edit long macros to the VPP Configuration page.
  • 1893 – Added labeling functionality to the Ask User for Input actions



  • 1482 – Revised behavior of the Supplier Login List so the cursor will appear within a newly added row
  • 1799 – Added new Smartpoint Installer plugin (only accessible when running the “Installer” version of 431 M2)
  • 1873 – Improved functionality for Account Number parsing
  • 1868 – Fixed a typo in the Like Fare Search pop up so it now reads, “The GDS also supports booking this  itinerary.  Would you like to book it in the GDS?"
  • 1872 – reversed the alternating row colors in the new UI. So that the first row color is not the same as the window background in the high contrast themes.
  • 1886 – Fixed an issue that was halting the Profile process when the same credit card was present in both the Canned Profile and PNR
  • 1887 – Revised Worldspan address parsing behavior to recognize additional addresses as part of default reading  (M- & /)
  • 1895 - Fixed an issue that had caused browser checking to stop because of an exception.
  • 1897 & 1898 – Fixed an issue that was causing the Danish currency DKK to display using decimals in both IFQ and the Confirmation Handler
  • 1904 – Revised multiline address parsing to better handle addresses containing Country Codes when there are more than 2 addresses present
  • 1907 – Fixed an issue that was preventing text entered in the Editable Dropdowns in the Profile UI window from displaying on the supplier website
  • 1910 - Revised address parsing to better handle PO Boxes
  • 1911 – Supplier default confirmation email address is now displayed on the Profile UI window
  • 1923 - Fixed an issue that was preventing Global variables from being sent to Confirmation Handler



  • 1811 - Added the “Today” and “TodayDateOnly” variable to all Genie events.
  • 1875 – Revised condition processing for Genie events to allow for events subsequent to an exception to still fire.


Release Notes for Version 431M1 - 8/16/17

New Items of interest are…

  •        Added Chrome compatibility features to Genie
  •        Added new levels of logging capability to BBDesktop
  •        Added a text editor to facilitate reading/editing of macros



  • 1518 & 1823 – Revised decimal related logic for the handling of currencies that do  not use decimals
  • 1779 – Fixed an issue that was preventing VPP from reading deployment received data
  • 1849 – Fixed an issue that caused Null Reference exceptions when Conferma did not have Platform/UserName data on response


Admin Site

  • 1441 - Added a text editor to facilitate reading/editing of long macros on the Customize GDS pages
  • 1819 – Fixed an issue that was causing the user to be kicked back to the previous webpage if the Enter button was used while editing the Ask User for Input prompt
  • 1854 – Revised the default behavior for the Sabre GDS Fare Search checkbox to now display and function as Enabled for new account setup
  • 1853 – Added Window ID to the Close Named Notification Window list for prompt configuration



  • 814 – Added and revised functionality to set logging levels for logging done via BBDesktop code.  0 is No Logging/None, 1 is Exceptions Only/Minimal, 2 is Current Minimum/Normal, and 3 is Current Maximum/Verbose. *Logging done by legacy code will not respect the newly added settings
  • 1730 – Revised parsing behavior to better handle Operated By information sent to the Smartpoint Translator
  • 1735 & 1751 – Revised email parsing behavior to better handle addresses containing invalid characters and formats
  • 1797 – Revised GDS tracker behavior to recognize segments sold from an availability sell that do not have a segment number using Sabre
  • 1824 – Fixed an issue with the Variable Processor that was preventing UserPrompt text from being read
  • 1825 – Added minimum height & width parameters to the Configuration form
  • 1828 – Revised logic for Country Name lookup to better handle those countries whose name contains articles, titles, etc. (i.e., “The” Netherlands, or “Commonwealth of” Australia)  
  • 1843 – Fixed an issue that was obscuring IFQ prices using High Contrast Light theme. 
  • 1844 – Revised the text alignment of buttons to appear centered  
  • 1845 – Revised parsing of AB line entries to now handle 3 structured addresses within the AB line for Amadeus   
  • 1846 – Revised tab color behavior to more distinctively denote the selected item          
  • 1863 – Fixed an issue that allowed for the addition of a “blank” Favorite to appear in the Favorites Menu on the Availability UI
  • 1866 – Revised Profile handling to remove leading and trailing spaces from captured values during custom processing



  • 1675 – Fixed an issue that was preventing specific prompts firing when GDS windows are in the 2x2 grid configuration using Apollo Smartpoint
  • 1736 – Fixed an issue that was  preventing the Profile Requested prompt from respecting the new Profiles UI
  • 1804 – Added functionality to clear Genie events in the System Monitor of BBDesktop
  • 1829 & 1830 – Fixed issues that had prevented regex validation and correct drop down value recognition in the Ask User for Input prompt
  • 1839 – Added functionality for Genie to work with chrome both with detecting domains, etc. and performing browser based actions (i.e., webpage fill-ins).  Please note at this time this only applies to Genie and not BB Desktop.
  • 1847 – Fixed an issue that had prevented the use of variables in default values in the Ask User for Input prompt




Release Notes for Version 431 - 7/27/17

New Items of interest are…

        Stripe Credit Card processing available on Admin site

        New High Contrast theme on BBD

        New Unused Tickets Configuration on Admin site



  • 1777, 1778 & 1780 – Removed the price requirement for VPP eligibility.  Eligibility now only requires a supplier code, and that the supplier be air or rail.  Also clarified eligibility logging
  • 1745 & 1782 – Added functionality to edit content in Conferma Windows
  • 1818 – Added VPINFO functionality which will display all details of a deployment in read-only
  • 1852 – Revised GDS parsing to use the Office ID, when present,  instead of PCC for Conferrma


Admin Site

  • 1744 – Made the View All GDS Settings page visible to all Admin site users
  • 1746 – Revised the text of several Genie links on the Edit Groups page
  • 1757 – Revised behavior of error messages displayed to include Group Ids and alert of duplicate user names
  • 1760 - Alphabetized the variables listed in the drop downs on the VPP Configuration page
  • 1773 - Added Stripe credit card processing to the Edit Company page of Admin site
  • 1775 - Added a disclaimer to the Edit Company page, " BookingBuilder payments are processed by the 3rd party vendor Stripe – a credit card processing service." 
  • 1788 – Fixed an issue that caused an  exception to generate when the No Image option was selected in the new Unused Tickets Configuration page  



  • 1699 – Fixed an issue that caused a blank email address to display on the profile window
  • 1700 – Fixed an issue that had prevented the  "If canned profiles are created but not used by the agent, offer GDS/other profiles"  box from displaying when enabled
  • 1752 – Revised profile parsing behavior to display the name associated Identification items for all passengers of a Multi-Pax profile
  • 1753 – Fixed an issue that caused the creation of empty item in unused sections of a Canned Profile when Append was selected
  • 1758  - Fixed an issue that had prevented the Ask User For Input NW from firing when a height setting was specified
  • 1761 – Fixed an issue that caused IFQ to hang during the CheckResultsDone process for a specific itinerary
  • 1766 – Revised the multiple monitor selection display names for  Send Screenshot to Support
  • 1768 – Revised behavior of Confirmation handling to use the confirmation’s vendor code instead of the first flight’s vendor code
  • 1770 – Revised Variable Processor handling to ensure all macro data is sent to the GDS
  • 1783 – Revised profile parsing behavior to recognize structured Amadeus addresses
  • 1798 - Fixed an issue that had prevented the PADR/PADL spacing from displaying correctly in IFQ Email. 
  • 1815 – Fixed an issue that caused the Favorites and Recent sections of the Availability UI to display incorrect flight times



  • 1592 – Revised behavior of the new Unused Tickets interface to allow ticket searches by LastNameWithSuffix
  • 1772 – Fixed an issue with the Ask User for Input prompt that had prevented users from utilizing the backspace key when removing numbers from the Accepted Type drop down
  • 1809 - Fixed an issue that had prevented the auto fit option (0/0) of the Ask User for Input prompt from displaying a NW that was more than 700 pixels high
  • 1810 – Fixed an issue that had prevented the height settings of the individual variables displayed in the Ask User for Input NW from being respected




Release Notes for Version 430M1 - 5/22/17


  • There is a known issue for 1689 that the test button appears to not be working properly on certain versions of Win7 (Win8 and Win10 appear to work with no issues).



  • 1560 & 1561 – Revised the Conferma error message windows with a details button that can expand and show more information on the error
  • 1572 – Revised VPUPDATE behavior to alert the user when trying to manually update a card that has already been cancelled
  • 1580 – Revised the Tool Tip text on the Update Conferma window to more accurately describe trip type              
  • 1581 & 1718 – Fixed an issue related to the non-24 hour time setting of BBD that caused VPUPDATE Date/Time changes made using the 24 hour format to not save
  • 1622  - Added a visual wait indicator to VPUpdate when receiving details from Conferma
  • 1623 – Added a Contacting Conferma dialog to appear during update of a confirmation page in VPP.
  • 1650 & 1681 – Added Custom and Standard Data Field mapping to VPP
  • 1717 – Fixed an issue that caused VPP to generate exceptions when reading Confirmations improperly
  • 1722 – Revised handling of Currencies to support the display of currencies that do not use decimals



Admin Site

  • 1562 – Added missing Company/Group headers to various Admin site pages
  • 1583 – Revised the Do Not Save checkbox for adding a variable to default to checked under the Genie actions Ask User for Input  and User Prompt Variables 
  • 1608 - Added "Delete" buttons to the View by Token grid on the ManageLookupTableAccessTokens webpage of the Admin site
  • 1668 - Added a progress indicator to the RemoveSupplierFromGroup webpage
  • 1674 – Revised the behavior of timed auto filter searches for all grids on the site.  The timed auto filters are now disabled on all grids and the filter feature will be applied on Enter or Tab.
  • 1688 – Moved the Manage Unused Tickets Configuration to the Genie section of the Group Settings page (below the Manage Images link)
  • 1689 - Added a test button to the Manage Unused Tickets Configuration page which causes BBDesktop to display the Unused Tickets window (see note above)
  • 1729 – Fixed an  issue where the BBOptions setting of GDS Instant Fare Quote Enabled for Sabre to remained greyed out after new Sabre functionality was disabled.
  • 1731 – Revised Notification Window editor handling of encoded HTML (specifically apostrophes) to prevent variable processor reading failure




  • 1548 – Added ability to paste text into Supplier  Login List password field
  • 1557 – Added a “Make Availability Round Trip by Default”  option to the Availability Search options menu so it can be configured
  • 1605 – Revised the Send to Support form to now have the ability to select each screen individually as well as none or all. Additionally, if the form initially is set to show an image then the screen with the current GDS will be the initial screen shot if there is one, if not then the primary screen will be the initial image.
  • 1630 – Revised the Canned Profile Selection window to more clearly show the selected profile option
  • 1637 – Fixed an issue that caused the Availability Search’s Calendar window to display month names incorrectly on sets using mixed regional settings.
  • 1648 – Revised dataupdater behavior to compensate for situations where the server generated signature language differs from the client machine’s locale.
  • 1653 – Fixed an issue with the GDS Tracker that prevented Apollo from recognizing some of the Initiating Event types for Flight Availability Response Received
  • 1658 – Fixed an issue where round trip itineraries with flights on the same day showed incorrect city codes in the Availability window
  • 1662 – Fixed an issue where the Card Holder name used with a Canned Credit Card displayed for all credit card options in the Profile window instead of just the canned one
  • 1664 – Fixed an issue where the default Amadeus RTJ response displayed incorrectly in the Profile window
  • 1665 -  Fixed an issue with the userprompt form from the variable processor not behaving correctly when the close button is clicked.
  • 1667 – Revised Availability regex parsing behavior to recognize entries where the name suffix appears after the first name
  • 1669 – Fixed an issue with the Availability Search  window where the last availability request would be saved only when entered from a GDS command
  • 1670 – Fixed an issue where the Availability window showed suppliers that didn’t have flights
  • 1671 – Fixed an issue where Null Reference Exceptions were generated when attempting to book flights in IFQ
  • 1673 – Fixed an issue related to credit card handling in the Profile window that generated Null Reference Exceptions 
  • 1682 – Fixed an issue where flights arriving the next day with a connection were reading the connection city as the destination city using Sabre 
  • 1683 – Revised Confirmation name reading behavior to support reading confirmations containing an excessive amount of names (over 60+names)
  • 1684 – Fixed an issue where custom vendor variables were not filling to the supplier website
  • 1692 – Revised handling of address reading to support instances when they are not explicitly in the REMARKS section for Sabre and Abacus
  • 1693 – Revised handling of address reading to support instances where country codes appear on the same line as the postal code or on the next line using Sabre
  • 1696 – Fixed an issue that prevented the Account disabled message box from being displayed in the 400 series software
  • 1697 – Fixed an  issue where credit card address line 1 was displaying in the card holder name list of the Profile window
  • 1698 – Fixed an issue where db files containing "I or i" were being incorrectly handled on sets with Turkish regional settings
  • 1705 – Revised Email Addresses handling to support  .AT.  in addition to @ in the Profile window
  • 1706 – Revised the 7 day file cleanup process to include directory %Temp%\BookingBuilder\log
  • 1708 – Added a notification to users when IE’s protected mode is enabled informing that BBD’s fill in functionality may be impacted
  • 1709 – Fixed an issue that prevented the correct Last Updated time on the Configuration from displaying
  • 1714 – Added functionality to notify users when multiple browser windows will be opened by clicking the Web Button on the Availability Search form
  • 1715 – Added functionality to configure a maximum number of web pages that can  be opened by clicking the Web button on the Availability Search options menu
  • 1721 - Fixed an issue with the Saved Confirmations window opening the Enter Confirmation window when a double click is performed on the grid but not on a specific row (i.e. scrollbars, header, etc). 
  • 1737 - Revised logging behavior to remove benign exception logs after install




  • 1704 – Fixed an issue where the default value entered on the Admin site for a textbox in the Ask User for Input action was not appearing in the form when the prompt was triggered.
Release Notes for Version 430 - 4/18/17


  • 1570 – Fixed an issue that prevented VPUPDATE and VPCANCEL commands from triggering processes when entered from the Genie Command window tool
  • 1582 – Fixed an issue that prevented the VPUPDATE process from running on Rail confirmations that were one way itineraries
  • 1589 – Fixed an issue with not being able to stop the VPP cancel process
  • 1594 – Revised the Itinerary Type field on the VP Cancel and VP Update windows to display only the supported types being Air or Rail
  • 1610 – Fixed an issue that caused an incorrect value for VPCardType to be displayed
  • 1635 – Fixed an issue with VPP not loading its xml file from the correct location


Admin Site

  • 1556 – Added a Credit Card Detail section to the Edit Profiles page of the Admin site
  • 1602 – Revised the behavior of the Canned Profiles webpage to save the value of the "offer GDS/other profiles" checkbox before preparing for download.
  • 1643 – Revised the save acceptance behavior for the Manage Look Up Tables webpage to prevent existing tables names from being renamed in a way that would cause a duplicate. 


BB Desktop

  • New-Unused Tickets no longer requires independent prompts. See the link on the group page.
  • 506 – Optimized the Update Setting behavior to decrease download times
  • 1469 – BB no longer triggers for supplier web sites that have been removed from the group
  • 1503 –Revised Canned Profile handling to ensure redundant GDS commands aren’t sent for areas the Canned Profile will overwrite.  
  • 1515 – Fixed an issue in GDS Fare Search which prevented the parsing of Flight Availability commands containing a return date in Galileo
  • 1541 – Added credit card detail reading to custom profile reading to allow for instances where the CVV and FOP are not part of a combined response
  • 1550 – Revised GDS Tracker handling of specific long sell commands to prevent a “Existing Segment Step Type does not match New Segment Step Type” exception
  • 1558 – Fixed an issue with GDS Fare Search that wasn’t parsing the MORE*4 response correctly in Galileo
  • 1568 – Revised BBD’s handling of IECtrl when its Frames property is set to null to prevent unhandled browser exceptions in Internet Explorer
  • 1595 - Added support in the GDS Tracker for parsing multiline Amadeus emails and reading emails from any line in the response (not just the APE section)
  • 1609 – Fixed a potential race condition that may result in a confirmation page from being read.
  • 1614, 1615 & 1458 - Added support in the GDS Tracker for parsing phone number with parenthesis, multiple phone numbers from a single line, reading phone numbers that are wrapped, and reading alternate work area formats in Amadeus
  • 1624 – Increased the size of the Known Traveler Number field on the Profiles window
  • 1625 – Uncheck the currently checked phone number when a new phone number is selected and the supplier only allows one number
  • 1626 – Credit Card Holder field can now be filled in from the GDS card holder field, rather than always using the passenger by default
  • 1627 – Fixed an  issue that prevented the billing address from displaying in the Profile window when it was part of a combined Credit Card response in Sabre
  • 1629 - Fixed an issue that, in the case of multiple credit card entries, prevented all but the initially selected entry from being edited in the Profile Information window
  • 1644 - Fixed an issue that prevented availability information from filling to the webpage for suppliers that have multiple sites (ex: AC & AC rewards)
  • 1652 & 1654 – Fixed an issue that prevented profile processing resulting from exceptions when a Supplier Code is not found in the database



  • 1567 – Revised the default behavior for logging of HTML variables to disabled to prevent generating excessively large log files.   Added registry key LogHTML that can be set to enable the logging of HTML variables




Release Notes for Version 429M2 Hotfixes - January 2017

429 M2 Release Notes (Several “hot-fixes” were released for this version. The letters "HF" followed by a number below designate which specific Hotfix version a change was released in)



  • 1612/1613 HF2 - Fixed an issue that caused a null reference exception when new Profiles is turned off
  • 1631 HF4 – Fixed an issue that prevented name titles from displaying in the Profile window
  • 1634 HF4 – Revised phone number count handling for the Profile window to allow for additional phone number entries which may vary based on supplier website.
  • 1584 HF5 – Fixed an issue that caused the BB Availability Search to send incorrect itinerary dates to supplier scripts.
  • 1672 HF7– Fixed an issue that prevented Custom Supplier variables from being read from the GDS hence, not filling to the supplier’s webpage
  • 1685 HF7 -  Revised behavior of name parsing to prevent the passenger’s middle name from displaying in the first name field of the Profile UI
  • 1690 HF7 – Fixed an issue with cloning objects that would occasionally cause BBDesktop to crash.



  • 1603 HF1– Fixed an issue where manual updates would fail if no flights had been added to the original deployment.  Added a user-facing error message when manual update fails.
  • 1656 HF5 – Revised parsing behavior to include price totals that contain comma separators  
  • 1620 HF3 – Revised address handling behavior to ensure billing addresses that are returned with deployment details are displayed as the first option and are preselected in the Profile window
  • 1628 HF4 – Fixed an issue that prevented proper credential selection during a manual card deployment that was preceded by a canceled deployment
  • 1632 HF4 – Fixed an issue that prevented the Profile window from sending newly issued VP credit card details to the supplier webpage
  • 1633 HF4 – Revised behavior for displaying Record Locator to send the RTJ command at the end of the VPP process in Amadeus       
  • 1636 HF4 – Revised the behavior of Conferma windows to ensure all forms use US decimal rules regardless of regional settings
  • 1638 HF4 – Revised the load order of file locations to ensure the VPP xml file loads from the binaries location
  • 1640 HF4 – Revised window placement behavior to ensure the Selection window is always brought to the foreground upon opening
  • 1645 HF4 – Added PNR Record Locator field to the manual VPUPDATE window
  • 1646 HF4 – Fixed an issue that prevented the currency amounts from being updated during a manual VPUPDATE
  • 1649 HF4 – Added banking related mapping of standard fields to custom data fields
  • 1659 HF6 – Revised the behavior of the Send to Conferma window to ensure the form uses a period for decimals.
  • HF6 - Fixed an issue that caused required entry fields to display as Read Only on the Send to Conferma window.
  • 1660 HF6 – Revised existing deployment modification handling to further ensure appropriate changes are made to the most recent deployment ID.
  • 1661 HF6 – Revised the format for date sent in the additional information on update to reflect YYYY-MM-DD
  • 1695 HF7 – Fixed an issue that caused an exception when updating a deployment that already had the additional fields present
  • 1711 HF8 – Fixed an issue that prevented the VPUPDATE process from recognizing month abbreviations in a non-English regional setting
  • 1712 HF8 – Revised the manual VPUPDATE window to include the Supplier Reference number
  • 1719 HF8 – Increased the size of the manual VPUPDATE window to allow more visible rows in the grid control
  • 1720 HF8 – Fixed an issue that caused PCC/AgentSine data truncation using Amadeus



  • 1687 HF7 – Added a genie event for profile post selection that is raised after the user clicks ok on the Profile window, but before the web site is filled in




Release Notes for Version 429M2 - 1/16/17



  • 1394 - Implemented Manual Update for VPP
  • 1405 -  Implemented manual initiation of getting a new VPP deployment
  • 1508 - Revised the VPP cancel dialog to hide either the Client Id or Account Code if it has the other one
  • 1526 - Added better error checking on the Conferma data form
  • 1527 & 1528 - Revised new profile window so VPP card holder names are “read only” and the selection is fixed
  • 1530 - Fixed an issue with the Send to Conferma form not handling keyboard movement between fields correctly
  • 1536 - Fixed issues with error checking and tooltips for the VPP window that prevented a flag for missing/required fields  from being displayed.
  • 1539 - Added missing variable VPCurrencyCode  to the VPP configuration remarks macro section
  • 1547 - Fixed an issue with not always reading the PCC and Agent sine correctly
  • 1551 - Fixed an issue with the order of processing a VPP update



Itinerary Connect

  • 1523 - Fixed an issue with the login credential window displaying twice
  • 1524 - Fixed an issue to stop Triplink functionality from being available after it was turned off



Admin Site

  • 1444 - Added indicator that Edit Profile Options is for old profiles or 368 and earlier
  • 1521 - Disabled the Automatic Color option in the new NW editor
  • 1540 - Revised the Default on the Copy GDS Settings page to now display as unchecked and added validation to ensure at least one setting is checked before the copy button is enabled.
  • 1549 - Add clarification text to the Edit Group Suppliers page about using {blank} instead of leaving a textbox empty to remove values from local computers.




  • 1434 - Revised loading of GDS xml files to be based on file version
  • 1461 - Fixed an issue with Power Pricing commands not working in most GDSes
  • 1471 - Fixed an issue with Hotel Availability commands containing an end date but no party number that wasn’t being processed correctly in  Sabre
  • 1510 - Revised the display and handling of identification types (i.e., Sentry, Nexus, Known Traveler, etc.) in new profiles
  • 1514 - the {VendorCode} variable now properly reflects the web site vendor, instead of the code from the first flight in the first leg
  • 1517 - The Availability popup no longer displays multiple times for the same command if the response has move downs
  • 1522 - the {VendorName} variable in Frequent Flyer number reading can now be used.
  • 1531 - Fixed an issue when using the X button to close the Confirm to exit BB window could cause BB to become unresponsive
  • 1532 - Fixed an issue with 24 Hour Mode not being properly set in all cases
  • 1533 - Fixed an issue with restarting BBDesktop that caused mismatched versions of certain binaries in some cases
  • 1544 - Fixed an issue that caused the Passenger Count Check error message to loop in certain cases




  • 1214 - Implemented a Genie commands window, which allows text to be typed into it that Genie will treat as a GDS command for processing (only works for Genie prompts marked for All GDSes)
  • 1559 - Fixed an issue that prevented the bCancelClicked value from being honored by the new profile process when set during the profile requested event.
  • 1577 - It is now possible to use the Profile Requested event without needing to handle the entire profile process


Release Notes for Version 429M1 - 12/8/16


VPP (Virtual Credit Card Processing)

  • 1406 – Implement Rail support
  • 1475 – Fix an issue with an exception when the PCC/Sine response is missing
  • 1476 – Fix an issue with the agent label missing from the virtual Payment details window
  • 1477 – Make PCC & Agent Sine required fields on the Conferma dialog
  • 1481 – Make it clearer to the user when a themed buttons is disabled
  • 1485 – If the Deployment ID in the GDS and BBDesktop information match, don't confirm with user before updating Conferma



Itinerary Connect (Connect to Concur TripLink Database)

  • 1378 – Fix an issue with an exception when clicking the X to close the login credentials entry window
  • 1379 – Fix an issue with the login credentials window reopening after a cancel/close



Admin Site

  • 1242 – Fix an issue where the Notification Window text set to white is not visible
  • 1413 – Friendly build name is now shown everywhere the installed and running builds appear in grids
  • 1423 – VPP settings can now be copied across groups by GDS and Type
  • 1442 – Fix an issue with an odd location for the delete button on the Edit Canned Profiles Page
  • 1457 – Added the ability to enable/disable eligibility for VPP for each GDS and purchase type pair
  • 1468 – Replace the old text editor with the new one on Ask User For Input edit page just like for NWs
  • 1486 – Added a setting to allow for asking to use the GDS profile on the Edit Canned Profiles page
  • 1487 – Added a setting for the display account number command
  • 1489 – Lookup table number fields are now displayed without formatting instead of being rounded to 2 decimals
  • 1501 – Added the ability to mark a canned profile as exclusive
  • 1506 – Fix an issue with the Availability Filters Unchecked by Default setting not retaining its state




  • 1293 – Grid NW data is now available to later actions via variables




  • 555  – Added a success or failure message when update settings completes
  • 1285 – The Supplier login list allows for duplicate local IDs and gives a way to delete them if needed
  • 1356 – A scroll bar is now displayed as needed when the Profile window is resized
  • 1392 – Fixed an issue with the hotel property initiating events not firing
  • 1398 – Fixed an issue with the ReturnArriveAirport variable not being correct when the confirmation has more than one segment
  • 1409 – The settings tab on the configuration form now has a visual indicator of a successful save
  • 1418 – Confirmation processing now sets a variable indicating an international flight (IsInternational)
  • 1431 – Fixed an issue with site login information not being available in all places it was needed
  • 1435 – Added support for vendors with more than one frequent flier code or that use a code from another vendor
  • 1438 – Fixed an issue with the canned profile selection window's Use GDS Profile button always being visible, even when the option is off on the admin site
  • 1439 – Fixed an issue with the canned credit card expiration date showing even if there was no card number
  • 1440 – Added Phone Number/Email to canned profile selection window
  • 1452 – Fix an issue with the open existing confirmation web page NW appearing during confirmation entry
  • 1455 – Added the ability to only override certain areas of the profile reading
  • 1462 – Fixed an issue with the IFQ window not returning to foreground after documenting a flight in the GDS
  • 1473 – Fixed an issue with availability not being recognized if the outbound and return day being the same
  • 1478 – Fixed an issue with custom vendor variables not being loaded
  • 1483 – Availability now defaults to round trip even when the GDS command does not represent one
  • 1490 – Empty password textboxes are now treated as if they are set to {local} just like regular textboxes
  • 1497 – Added support for the Galileo Car Availability Short Cut Command when in an existing PNR
  • 1502 – Added support for an exclusive Canned profile option, which will disable any other profile reading and just use the canned profile info
  • 1504 – Fixed an issue with the time filters on IFQ tab not retaining their value when switching off the tab an then back to it




Release Notes for Version 429 - 11/7/16 


New Functionality

BBDesktop 429 now provides the ability to use virtual credit cards for online airline ticket bookings.  VPP functionality can be used to Book/Cancel the airline ticket via BBDesktop for all GDS’s.  Initially, the software is set-up to work with Conferma.



Admin Site

  • 772 – Added Go to Group button to the grid on the View All Computers page
  • 1277 – Upgraded the Text Editor used for Notification Windows
  • 1323 – Added a link to return to the supplier settings from the Custom Supplier Variables page
  • 1340 – Added a Prepare for Download link on the Additional Options/Additional Settings page
  • 1345 – Fixed a typo for the Galileo fare format description that referred to Amadeus




  • 1108 – Implemented the Read GDS Profile Genie action
  • 1336 – Fixed an issue where the GDS Tracker ignored any sponsored flights that were in a flight availability response within Galileo
  • 1337, 1391 – Added new variables that include suffixes:  LastNameWithSuffix, LastNameWithSuffixClean, & LastNameWithSuffixNoSpaces
  • 1338 – the Galileo short Car Availability command is now recognized
  • 1343 – Fixed an issue when trying to bring another window to the foreground in a genie script which caused BBDesktop to crash on some computers
  • 1383 – Galileo Account numbers are now being read correctly
  • 1410 – Fixed an issue that prevented the initiating events Flight Availability Response Received, Flight Availability Response - All Flights and Flight Availability Response - Origin/Destination from firing with certain sabre response formats.
  • 1424 – Fixed an issue with Sabre record locator reading that prevented the correct account number from being added with RemotePNRData.
  • 1465 – Fixed an issue that prevented the GotCustomRemotePNRData Genie event from firing when in a queue




  • 979 – Added the ability to see all the status text for a fare search on the IFQ window.  Also added a button that is visible when over the status line that can be clicked to show all the status for that fare search
  • 1116 – Renamed the Saved Confirmations tab on the Configuration form to Settings and moved the 24 Hour time setting functionality from IFQ to this tab
  • 1205 – Added Startup/Updater throttling option for Terminal Server and VM machines
  • 1296 – Fixed an issue where Class Of Service was not reflected properly when segments differed, during confirmation entry.
  • 1339 – Fixed an issue regarding the HHPR window that caused typing Y or N to be interpreted as clicking the yes or no button as opposed to typing text in the textbox.  Also fixed an issue where clicking No lost the currently typed text but would reuse already existing text. Users should now use alt-y and alt-n instead
  • 1348 - Added a tooltip to the Login List to let the user know they can type to quickly get to a login and added a scroll into view command to attempt to get the item selected via the keyboard to be scrolled into view.
  • 1352 - Fixed an issue with proxy detection that caused the overwriting of old settings in the registry
  • 1362 – Fixed an issue that prevented Confirmations from being entered when BBD was unable to read the confirmation number and added a message asking the user if they want to enter the confirmation if the number is not read
  • 1375 – Fixed an issue where Amadeus Round trip availabilities weren’t being properly interpreted
  • 1463 – Search type is no longer considered for availability vendor results (Faresearch & availability commands now produce the same results)



New Profile UI:

  • 1258, 1358 – Fixed an issue with the formatting of identification dates (Licenses & Passports)
  • 1295 – Improved sizing to allow for easier modification of dates, and label reading.
  • 1367 – Vendors with codes more than 2 characters no longer prevent a profile from being read
  • 1425 – The Canned Profile selection window now saves the last selected canned profile1425 Fixed an issue with the Canned Profile cardholder name not being shown in the cardholder dropdown 



Release Notes for Version 428M5-H1 - 9/15/16


 Admin Site

  • 158 – Added functionality to the Manage Prompts webpage to more easily identify whether a prompt is used by another prompt
  • 1224 – Added Computer ID column to the Computers Edit Computers Assigned to Groups page
  • 1232 – Revised Genie checkbox behavior on the Welcome page to ignore all prompts that are disabled or free
  • 1267 – Added search functionality to the Edit/Delete LT Tokens grid
  • 1280 – Fixed an issue where Edit Group Alternate Airports page would log out users without admin access
  • 1291 – Fixed an issue with the Edit Group Suppliers page that caused a user disclaimer message to appear for supplier where they were not applicable
  • 1294 – Revised the wording for the return link on the Edit Profile Settings page
  • 1300 – Revised the wording for Canned Profiles group labels to better describe their function
  • 1311 –  Fixed an issue where disabling the parent IFQ check box would not disable the child IFQ related check boxes on the BookingBuilder Desktop Options webpage
  • 1314 – Added Copy to Clipboard functionality to the Username Edit page
  • 1316 – Revised the wording of the Multi-GDS Enabled description to remove invalid information
  • 1319 – Added a disclaimer to the BookingBuilder Desktop Options webpage stating the Multi-GDS option is only applicable to the 300 Series software



BB Desktop

  • 396 – Added user defined defaults of All Enabled/Disabled to the availability filters (established on the BookingBuilder Desktop Options webpage)
  • 672 – Added the Company Name to the About/General menu option
  • 1211 –Added links to training videos and documentation to the BB tray menu, Configuration form and Availability/IFQ Window
  • 1245 – Fixed an issue where Confirmation entry was not respecting the Amadeus TST Fare Format setting from the BookingBuilder Desktop Options webpage
  • 1270 – Fixed an issue where the software wasn’t respecting the Default Depart Airport option from the BookingBuilder Desktop Options webpage
  • 1281 – Fixed an issue that prevented the Availability window’s Close on Web Click option from being sticky
  • 1286 – Enhanced software ability to relinquish resources on canceled Availability searches
  • 1287 – Fixed an issue that caused an uninitialized variable formatted as a decimal number, to enter into the GDS with the default (system) number format instead of respecting the customized macro format
  • 1289 – Fixed an issue where the Calendar window didn’t follow the Availability UI in multiple monitor environments
  • 1306 – Fixed an issue in the Variable Processor that prevented the updating of the value of an existing variable with a macro containing a UserPrompt.
  • 1310 – Fixed an issue where the software wasn’t respecting the Instant Fare Quote enabled option from the BookingBuilder Desktop Options webpage
  • 1315 & 1318 – Fixed issue where the software wasn’t respecting the Skip yellow prompt and go directly to Availability Dialog option from the BookingBuilder Desktop Options webpage
  • 1320 – Fixed an issue where adjusting the Max Height of the yellow availability notification above 100% or below 10% caused BBD to crash
  • 1321 – Fixed an issue with the Login List that prevent the full text of the Display Name and Login Name from being displayed
  • 1324 – Added additional language translations for the Notification Window settings dialog
  • 1334 – Fixed an issue that caused some confirmation pages not to be processed, resulting in an error reading confirmation message.



  • 1265 – Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented genie script created Yes/No message dialogs from appearing in the foreground
  • 1284 – Fixed an issue that caused Index Out of Range exceptions when utilizing some LTCOMBINE functions
  • 1333 – Added functionality to allow the click on image behavior to mirror the click on window behavior within a Notification Window


Itinerary Connect

  • 1304 – Added additional logging
  • 1305 – Added better web service login failure handling


New Profile UI

  • 1090 – Increased textbox heights to eliminate the need for vertical scrolling with most font sizes
  • 1269 – Fix an issue that would only allow a user to interact with the last profile window opened, if more than one was open.
  • 1292 – Fixed an issue in the select a canned profile dialog that caused the state and country fields not to be displayed
  • 1301 – The label text for a canned credit card now appears in the profile window
  • 1149 & 1307 – Default selections from the admin site are now always honored.  (Replacing the last selected value as the default)
  • 1331 – Addresses can now be read from different Sabre areas with the default parsing logic
  • 1365 – Fixed an issue that caused custom settings for Apollo to be read as settings for Amadeus, resulting in no settings for Apollo during custom profile processing




Release Notes for Version 428M4 - 8/15/16



Admin Site

  • 1187 – Added functionality to specify the use of “Local” supplier settings on the Edit Group Suppliers pages for use with the New Availability UI
  • 1191 -  Fixed an issue that prevented users from setting conditions on event triggers that have no variables
  • 1220 – Revised layout of the Manage Prompts in Group links to account for window resizing
  • 1290 - Added variable {DepartLocationCityName} to the variables list on the Edit IFQ Email Formats page.  (The existing {DepartLocationName} variable refers to the Airport Name.)


BB Desktop

  • 987 – Fixed an issue that would allow suppliers to appear in the availability results that should not
  • 1161 – Added functionality to jump to appropriate ID in Login list by typing a display name in the combo box
  • 1194 – Added hotkey (ctrl-alt-Y) functionality to open the availability window
  • 1206 – Added Group numbers to Title bars on BookingBuilder top level windows
  • 1215 – Added functionality to hide BookingBuilder’s splash screen by clicking on it
  • 1223 – Fixed an issue that caused logging data to be entered into incorrect log files
  • 1238 – Added missing text translations
  • 1239 – Fixed an issue that caused itineraries with more than 2 legs to sum prices incorrectly
  • 1243 - Added variable {DepartLocationCityName} for use in Send IFQ Email
  • 1244 – Fixed an issue that caused a Saved Confirmation entry into the GDS to not honor the 24 hour time setting
  • 1248 – Fixed an issue that caused Serving Suppliers to display in the New Availability UI results when that setting was disabled
  • 1250 – Fixed  an issue that could cause the Availability window to open off screen and become stuck when switching between multiple monitor and single monitor environments
  • 1275 – Fixed an issue that caused hotfix version numbers to show the hotfix build instead of the maintenance build on the About screen



  • 1188 – Fixed an issue that was preventing the URL Omit list for Genie from being fully implemented



Release Notes for Version 428M3 - 7/15/16


Admin Site:

  • 1112 – Adjust how the Genie enabled status is displayed to be more accurate.
  • 1179 – Disabled groups are no longer listed as valid options when moving computers to different groups.
  • 1200 – Attempting to add an administrator with an email address already in use now results in an error message.
  • 1207 – Fixed an issue where copying lookup table data sometimes resulted in an incomplete copy.
  • 1229 – Fixed an issue where a computer that was moved may end up in a group other than the group selected during the move process.



  • 1140 – The send to support window now validates the format of the email address
  • 1157 – Added additional logging for enhanced support
  • 1168 – The configuration menu option in the BB context menu now opens the diagnostics tab
  • 1181 – Fixed an issue with the updater where it could rarely overwrite a newer file with an older version
  • 1216 – Added the friendly version name to the version number on the about screen
  • 1227 – Fixed an issue where non-English windows computers on a language unsupported by BB may have had unlabeled controls.


New Profile UI:

  • Is now available for beta users.  Contact us to enable.


New Availability/IFQ UI:

  • 1174 – The date fields in the search no longer change automatically in the other legs unless the current date would be invalid.
  • 1193 – Fixed an issue that would cause the Supplier Settings window for the supplier being booked from IFQ to appear during booking when it should not.
  • 1203 – Improve memory usage on BB start up
  • 1218 – Improve the performance of simultaneous IFQ searches


GDS Fare search:

  • 1159 – Fixed an issue reading Apollo results that caused the fare search to treat 12pm as 12am
  • 1160 – Class selection in IFQ now affects the GDS Fare search command appropriately
  • 1199 – Fixed an issue processing searches originating on a computer with number formats that do not use . as a decimal indicator
  • 1221 – An unrecognized supplier returned during a search now uses the supplier code instead of the supplier name in the result.



  • 1107 – The Read GDS Itinerary action has been implemented.
  • 1138 – Removed the account code option from the prompt set up window on the admin site.
  • 500, 855, 856 – Added new triggers for the New PNR event.


Hotfix M1 (Genie) - Released 7/21/16:

  • 1246 – Fixed issue where Flight Availability Response events were not always firing in Galileo
  • 1251 – Fixed issue where Car Availability events were not always firing in Galileo
  • 1259 – Fixed issue where concatenated commands containing ER were causing NewPNR event to fire



Release Notes for Version 428M2 - 6/14/16


Admin Site:

  • 158 – Added a Find Prompt Dependencies button to the Manage Prompts page allowing users to search for and identify which prompts are used by other prompts.
  • 373 – Added a new page to facilitate setting window regions for Notification Windows within a Group
  • 379 – Enhanced the Notification Window text editor by adding a Calibri font option, adjusting tag margins to remove the appearance of an extra space between lines of text and made Paste as Plain text the standard for all paste actions
  • 1015 - Added links to the shared prompts list that takes you to Manage Prompts (in the shared prompt's group)
  • 1058 - Added GdsCCType to the list of regex capture names on the Edit Profile Settings page
  • 1086 – Added functionality of making the sort feature on Edit Computers Assigned to this Group page sticky
  • 1102 – Fixed a typo on the Customize GDS Tracker Settings page where the word variable was misspelled
  • 1103 – Added a user guidance note to the Reports pages stating, “Please note that the Genie reports will not reflect Unused Ticket Prompt Activity.  Components of that prompt generate tremendous data so have been excluded from the report generators.
  • 1123 – Fixed an issue on the Manage Actions page that prevented the correct error message from displaying   
  • 1163 – Performed optimizations to improve site responsiveness when updating Lookup Tables


GDS Tracker:

  • 1100 – Added additional logging to enhance the ability to track down issues
  • 1124 – Updated the default passenger type to Adult


BB Desktop:

  • 114 – Fixed issue that caused the software to lock up while reading content heavy web pages
  • 952 – Fixed issue that caused the updater status to freeze during updates on non English sets
  • 1110 – Fixed issue that generated an error when using the Trace Prompt form



  • 841 – Fixed issue where the Availability Window Calendar required multiple clicks to select date on sets with touch screens
  • 964 – Fixed issue where Calendar was not displaying a full set of months
  • 1040 – Added a checkbox to the Availability Window for closing the UI on Web click
  • 1050, 1146   – Added the ability to make a supplier running from scripts to be able to not run fare checks in parallel
  • 1104 – Fixed issue where the passenger count was not updating in the new UI using the BBD command with multi pax PNRs
  • 1111 – Revised IFQ Email format to use Airport Name instead of Airport City
  • 1151 – Fixed a text alignment issue in the Supplier Options UI when the sLangauge code was set to non-English
  • 154 – Added functionality to close the Availability Window when a flight is booked



  • 1005 - Added SegmentCancelled Genie event to code and database. This will fire anytime a specific cancel event fires (FlightCancelled, etc)
  • 1122 – Fixed issue that caused the Stop Action if Cancel Clicked action to fail
  • 1132 – Fixed issue that prevented the border color of oval shaped Notification Windows from displaying correctly


New Confirmation UI:

  • 1074 – Revised the text on the Enter Information button to make it more prominent
  • 1079 – Fixed issue that prevented the conversion of LM2 files when opening Saved Confirmations
  • 1142 – Fixed issue that caused the CommissionPercentage variable to retain a previously entered value instead of the current value


GDS Fare Search: 

  • 1097 – Fixed issue where GDS fare Search was not returning complete results using Worldspan
  • 1119 – Fixed issue that caused itinerary results to combine using Apollo
  • 1129 – Fixed parser issue that was causing IFQ to return invalid results
  • 1134 – Fixed issue that prevented some connecting flights from being displayed in IFQ results using Worldspan
  • 1136 – Fixed issue where an error occurred when a supplier does not exist in the db causing the status to display, “Building Itineraries” but not completing the query
  • 1158 – Performed code optimization for GDS Fare Search using Apollo




Release Notes for Version 428M1 - 5/16/16 


Admin Site:

  • 380 – The Notification Window type can now be changed when editing the window
  • 791 – Genie Action: Load DLL now includes the version number of the file
  • 901 – Add saving indicator on Edit Supplier Settings page (To show the Save action completed successfully)
  • 919 – Add copy to clipboard to View Terminal Server Computers page
  • 957 – Notification Window Test button now works if the window was set to be placed in a region
  • 1019 – Paste from Excel in Lookup Table tokens now works in Chrome
  • 1047 – The Show GDS Commands in Drag/Drop Window has been removed from the BB Desktop Options page


BB Desktop:

  • 402 – Add a last update time to the Configuration form
  • 819 – Log files older than 5 days are now deleted to prevent excessive disk usage over time
  • 917 – Fixed an issue where the Test Communications window was too small for its content
  • 944 – When Remote Access is selected, the user is now offered the option to close a running TeamViewer instance
  • 950 – The inactivity period required for BB Desktop has been increased from 5 minutes to 15
  • 1060 –  Make automatic updates as a result of Admin site changes made on the same computer from generating an error if BB Desktop wasn’t fully loaded yet
  • 1077 – Added Setting to the Advanced options to allow users to re-import old confirmations to the new format


New Confirmation UI:

  • 430 – Add computer name to the Stored Confirmation Details
  • 977 – Fixed an issue with the Apollo pricing record on Amtrak bookings not entering the fare basis code or the amounts
  • 1078 – Improved the conversion of old Saved Confirmations to the new format



  • 980 – Adjusted the speed of the Flash and Shake features on Notification Windows
  • 1010 – BB Desktop now recognizes an additional Car Availability command in Worldspan as such
  • 1051 – Fixed an issue causing Notification Windows to freeze when it’s close effect is collapse horizontal or vertical


New Availability/IFQ:

  • 861 – Improved the Select All/None and Filters functionality on the Availability window
  • 967 – Changing the city pairs on a request no longer changes the date of that leg
  • 985 – Added the ability to enter proxy settings manually
  • 1009 – Improved layout behavior when window is resized
  • 1016, 1030 – Improve foreground window setting during IFQ processing
  • 1031 – Fixed an issue where the currency code in an IFQ email would be incorrect if it differed from the currency used by the supplier
  • 1032 – GDS Fare Search no longer indicates the fare is in USD even when it isn't
  • 1034 – Textbox based supplier settings will now be saved in the case of an empty group setting (behaves as {local})
  • 1045 – The Availability Notification Window will now be closed when the next command is entered in the GDS
  • 1093 – Itineraries with the entire pricing in one leg are now displayed in the IFQ results


Itinerary Connect:


  • 999 – Added start and end date to trips in Notification Window
  • 1000 – Enhanced main UI
  • 1002 – Added setting to ignore trips where all bookings are GDS bookings


 Hotfixes (quick fixes) 428M2 - 6/2/16: 
  • 1069       Fixed missing custom data during confirmation processing
  • 1178       Fixed an issue where availability commands with spaces in worldspan weren't recognized as availability commands
  • 1183       Fixed an issue that may cause the availability window not to open intermittently
  • 1186       Optimized browser page detection so it doesn't impact availability windows
  • 1172       CustomPNRData Genie Event now fires when custom PNR values are first round
Hotfixes (quick fixes) 428M1 - 5/20/16: 
  • 1013       Improve the speed of the availability window the first time it is displayed
  • 1069       Ensure Supplier settings data is available during confirmation processing
  • 1094       Corrected an issue that would cause the availability window to appear greyed out and inaccessible
  • 1096       Fixed an issue causing specific supplier web site fields not to fill in on selected computers
  • 1101       Fixed a Runtime error in the browser control
  • 1105       Added maximum passenger data information necessary for web page fill in
  • 1120       Enabling enhanced logging now includes the availability logging
  • 1121       Improve confirmation reading timing
  • 1128       Offer to open Confirmation page BB Desktop previously entered in to a PNR
  • 1130       Changing suppliers in the same browser tab will now be recognized
  • 1133       Successfully read confirmations no longer display error entering message
  • 1152       Sites that open new tabs/windows during the booking process should now be detected properly



Release Notes for Version 428 - 4/19/16


 Admin Site:

  • 201, 920 – Added messages to indicate failure to load or save during time outs
  • 951 – When enabling the GDSes as IFQ suppliers all GDSes will be selected by default
  • 956 – Added a note indicating that the GDS IFQ search is 427+
  • 963 – Show the number of active/total prompts more consistently per group



  • 72 – Added Grid Notification Windows
  • 191 – Added the ability to copy LookupTables in the same group
  • 252 – Added a test button for use when creating window regions
  • 763 – Added Car based initiating events
  • 936 – The GDS tracker is now properly respecting whether or not the IR setting in desktop options (on the admin site) triggers a New PNR event



  • 621 – The BB system tray icon will now change color to red when busy
  • 787 – The new UI is the default UI for confirmations, availability and IFQ
  • 821 – Fixed an issue where a completed update would never display as complete
  • 829 – Added functionality to track account numbers in a customized format
  • 846 – Fixed an issue where some components were not restarting when BB desktop was restarted
  • 888 – Fixed an issue where some suppliers may not show an IFQ search as completed
  • 890 – Fixed an issue where variables with names that include the curly braces  in the Variables tab of the configuration window could not be removed
  • 898 – The departure time filter in IFQ will now start with the time present on the search tab
  • 906 – Added some logic so that BB tracks non-English Amadeus responses properly
  • 907 – Fixed an issue where the Advanced settings (from the diagnostics tab in the configuration window) would appear blank if BB was updated from a previous version
  • 924 – A message will now appear if an invalid path is entered for the location to save confirmations
  • 927 – It is no longer possible to generate multiple “there are no saved confirmations” messages
  • 927 – The confirmation window should now open on top of other windows
  • 929 – Corrected the format for Amadeus IFQ search
  • 930 – Corrected the return date for Amadeus round trip availability commands in the search window
  • 945 – Fixed an issue where group customized alternate airport settings were being read in reverse
  • 947 – Added additional logging
  • 955 – Fixed an issue where the default confirmation email address was not being transferred to the web site
  • 969 – Fixed an issue that allowed Genie only groups to launch BBD functionality
  • 986 – Fixed an issue where the supplier settings windows for each selected supplier was opening when clicking on the web button




428 Hotfixes 1 and 2 – 4/20/2016 and 5/5/2016:

  • 983 – Fixed an issue with the BBD command using the wrong end city codes. (April 20th)
  • 1065 – Fixed an issue with the web button not passing times to the websites correctly. (April 20th)
  • 1106 – Fixed an issue causing the New PNR event to fire inappropriately. (May 5th)



427 M1 Hotfix 1 – 4/1/2016:

  • 982 – Fixed an issue with the new IFQ not working correctly with the new proxy detection system.



427 M1 Hotfix 2 – 4/19/2016:

  • 955 – Fixed an issue with the email address supplied in the supplier options not being filled in on the supplier website.
  • 1003 – Fixed an issue with the web button being disabled in the new IFQ UI if no suppliers were marked as supporting instant fare quote.
  • 1028 – Fixed an issue with the availability window not being displayed if the supplier’s login display name was not specified.
  • 1049 – Fixed an issue with the IDs for a supplier not being sorted by default.
  • 1057 – Fixed an with the passenger’s first name not being retrieved correctly for the new confirmation UI.
  • 1063 – Made the confirmation reading process more fault tolerant, which alleviates intermittent false confirmation reading errors.




Release Notes for Version 427 M1 - 3/15/16


Fixed/Added for new Availability/IFQ…

  • Added functionality that moves finished searches to the bottom of the Status list in IFQ
  • Added functionality for the GDS Fare Search to Enable/Disable & Show/Hide settings (in conjunction with newly added Admin site functionality) in new UI
  • Added functionality to utilize Abacus for GDS Fare Search
  • Added functionality to make the Filters section of the Availability UI re-sizeable
  • Added functionality to allow max running checks for IFQ to be set with HKLM in addition to HKCU
  • Added functionality to restrict BBD & Web commands to groups with the option enabled
  • Restored the double-click functionality of the BB icon (in the System Tray) to open the Availability UI and display the dates and cities from the last performed search  
  • Fixed issue where German translations for opening foreign sites under Supplier options were missing in new UI
  • Fixed issue where Supplier Options header wasn’t being displayed in the new UI
  • Fixed issue that caused the Recheck Open Web Browsers functionality to respond slowly
  • Fixed issue where Currency conversions were not displaying for Sabre using GDS fare Search in new UI
  • Fixed issue where Document button was not adding full comments to the GDS record using GDS Fare Search in new UI
  • Fixed issue where Email button was not functional using GDS Fare Search in new UI
  • Fixed issue where clicking the Email column outside of the checkbox generated an exception in the new UI
  • Fixed issue where the Recent Searches functionality didn’t perform the city pair lookup and make the window unusable until it was closed and reopened in the new UI
  • Fixed issue that caused an incorrect default date for Individual Flight Details to be displayed
  • Fixed issue with CityPair table processing that caused the city pairs BER/LON for Eurowings to not populate in the new UI
  • Fixed an issue with fare search command in the GDS not causing the availability notification to display
  • Fixed an issue with one way searched adding taxes even if they were already added by the vendor website



Fixed/Added for BookingBuilder Desktop… 

  • Added functionality to allow for the manually typed entry of a specified path for the Saved Confirmations location
  • BBDBuild Global variable is no longer incorrect until first update
  • Revised the verbiage used for the Exit button on the Diagnostic Screen to read, “Exit BookingBuilder”
  • Fixed issue where sorting the grid on the Prompts tab by the Trace column generated an exception in the logs



Fixed/Added for Confirmations…

  • Revised verbiage on HHPR window to clarify the behavior of buttons when entering a modifier
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Information to be Entered window to appear behind other screens on the desktop



Fixed/Added for Genie…

  • Fixed issue where RouteHappy Notification Window appeared with a slider that obscured the text within
  • Fixed an issue with Notification Windows that prevented the flash/shake animation until the first mouse over and would also cause them to jump to the top, left of screen
  • Fixed an issue with Notification Windows that used word wrap which caused the auto width sizing to turn off
  • Fixed issue where a missing parenthesis from the end of an LT_Combine statement caused the BBDesktop.exe process to hang
  • Fixed issue where Mini Notification Windows positioned themselves based on their mini size instead of their restored size
  • Fixed an issue with Notification Windows where a break tag might be ignored
  • Fixed issue with incorrect Notification Window placement when the window the placement is relative to is maximized



Fixed/Added for GDS Tracker…

  • Added support for new Amadeus Hotel, Hotel Property and Flight Availability formats
  • Fixed issue where the Amadeus Ignore command not causing new PNR when the Amadeus language was set to German



Fixed/Added for Itinerary Connect…

  • Fixed issue where the "Source" field for segment types was filling incorrect data
  • Revised the verbiage of Date headers for consistency and improved Update Notification Window UI aesthetics



Fixed/Added for Admin Site…

  • Added a visual notification to the Edit Group Suppliers page to indicate when a save operation is complete
  • Added functionality to Enable/Disable GDS Fare Search per group in IFQ
  • Added functionality to display Group numbers on the Terminal Server Computers page
  • Added functionality for Group Prompt count (enabled versus total prompts) to be displayed on the Company page
  • Added new webpage providing Group functionality to Customize GDS Tracker settings for all GDS
  • Added a Done button to the Customize Read Variables page that returns the user to the GDS Customization page
  • Fixed an issue where the enabled prompt count wasn’t displaying correctly on the Welcome page



Fixed/Added for Installer…

  • Updated signing certificate to IE doesn’t indicate that the signature is corrupt or invalid when downloading the installer.



Known issues in 427 M1…

  • In IFQ GDS Fare Search, sending the MD command in Apollo repeats the current screen instead of displaying the additional details causing an endless loop.
  • Advanced button not functional for users who upgraded to 427 using their auto update group
  • Software allows multiple instances of the "There are no saved confirmations" notification to appear simultaneously
  • Fare search commands with a return date do not fill in the return date correctly in the availability window, the start date is used instead
  • IR command is firing new PNR without being enabled on admin site
  • Group alternate airport entry is backwards (i.e. if you want to enter XYZ as an alternate for ABC, you currently have to enter ABC as an alternate for XYZ).




Release Notes for Version 427 - 2/15/16


Major new features added in 427 (these are both “beta”)

  • GDS Fare Search in IFQ
  • Itinerary Connect (Concur Triplink)



Fixed/Added for new Availability/IFQ

  • Added functionality in new Availability UI for the removal of Supplier options on the Admin site (i.e., SWABIZ ID, Promo Code, etc.) to filter down to user sets
  • Added functionality by making both the Include Serving Suppliers and Include Alternate Airport options sticky
  • Added functionality by making a view in IFQ which filters out connecting flights so that only non-stops can be seen
  • Added functionality to allow the saving of the time filters in IFQ
  • Added a Suppliers filter in addition to the Website filter in IFQ
  • Added a Favorites Management dialog to the Availability UI
  • Fixed issue where filter options were being reset when city pairs changed
  • Fixed issue where manually typing in last leg end city generated an exception
  • Fixed issue where 2 different function buttons used same image
  • Fixed issue in new Availability UI where entering cities caused GDS header on RHS to be unchecked but all items to be checked
  • Fixed issue where new Availability UI allowed for multiple Supplier Logins to be enabled simultaneously
  • Fixed issue where disabling options in the filters panel caused Service Suppliers to become re-enabled
  • Fixed issue where Availability dialogs appeared in taskbar
  • Fixed issue where Serving Suppliers appeared in the filters list when check boxes were disabled
  • Fixed issue where duplicate instances of airports for Unites Airlines appeared in the Filters list
  • Fixed issue where Supplier Options section displayed a blank login selection instead of providing the “None” option
  • Fixed issue for the disabling of a Saved Login selection
  • Fixed issue where right side of IFQ results grid wasn’t being displayed
  • Fixed issue in multiple monitor environments that caused the Availability dialogs to open on wrong monitor if the Parent window was not on the main monitor
  • Fixed issue where the Flight Availability Notification Window wasn’t respecting the selection when the Prompt at Availability option was disabled on the Admin site
  • Fixed threading issue that caused IFQ to crash when an inordinate amount of suppliers were enabled
  • Fixed issue where Supplier Login Edit window content was cut off when scroll bar was present
  • Fixed issue where New IFQ was displaying currencies we do not have calculations for
  • Fixed issue where VEF currency not in alphabetical order on drop down menu
  • Fixed issue where an airport disabled in the Availability filters appeared in IFQ results
  • Fixed issue where the 4/R line was being generated incorrectly in M3 with the new IFQ turned on
  • Fixed issue where disabling then re-enabling all options on the Cities filter did not re-enable the IFQ button
  • Fixed issue where the Booking Agent field was holding on to content entered in Supplier Options
  • Fixed date format issues with non English culture settings
  • Fixed issue where New Availability generated errors when searching return dates that were after 2015
  • Fixed issue where New IFQ email had different values for depart location name and arrive location name
  • Fixed issue where New IFQ didn’t handle numbers in the format 0..10
  • Fixed issue where BBD & WEB commands were not functional in new Availability UI
  • Fixed issue where New UI required restart for Admin site changes to be reflected in the Supplier logins section of Availability
  • Fixed issue where the New UI was reading Confirmations while in Genie Only mode
  • Fixed issue where Read From entries on GDS Settings page weren’t being processed in the new UI
  • Fixed issue where IFQ was not displaying correct flight numbers for Sun Country flights



Fixed/Added for BookingBuilder Desktop

  • Added functionality to check if IE add-on is enabled on startup and to prompt to enable it if is not
  • Added functionality of a Look Up Table tab to the Configuration form
  • Added functionality of a UI that allows users to turn registry features On/Off
  • Added additional BB Menu accessibility options providing the ability to open the menu based upon a GDS command or URL
  • Added ability to set variable values from the variables tab of the confirmation form
  • Changed the update intervals for the 400 Series software from every 4 hours to every (1) hour
  • Moved BookingBuilder splash screen from center of screen
  • Fixed issue where grid Notification Windows weren’t displaying correctly on Windows 10
  • Fixed issue where Diagnostics menu was not retaining enabled logging selections
  • Fixed issue with Notification Windows rendering that made font showing Window IDs too small to be legible
  • Fixed issue where Variable Processor was evaluating using a string comparison instead of a decimal
  • Fixed issue where the beginning of the details logged in the Prompt Trace Window were being appended



Fixed/Added for Confirmations

  • Added enhanced functionality for Ticket Number entry for multiple passengers
  • Fixed issue where Confirmation Handler was opening multiple "Info. to be entered" windows from the Confirmation Manager
  • Fixed issue where orange framing on section of “Info to be Entered” window wasn’t being displayed
  • Fixed issue where Recheck Open Web Browsers was causing the Confirmation Entry Window to appear when no GDS was connected at start up
  • Fixed issue where PNRCCNumber was missing from Sabre macro
  • Fixed issue where Confirmation UI was not honoring the 24 hour time format



Fixed/Added for Genie

  • Added functionality to allow selection of monitor to fire prompts on in relation to GDS.
  • Added functionality to re-fire the last Notification Window that was shown
  • Added functionality to Genie script to Enable/Disable new UI per group
  • Added “Relative to Entire Screen” functionality to Notification Window placement options on the Admin site which treats all monitors as one large surface
  • Fixed issue where clicking on slide bar in Notification Window is viewed by the software as clicking the window
  • Fixed issue when Notification Window is set to auto size and the size is larger than the display area an exception would be generated
  • Fixed issue where Genie conditions list doesn't allow spaces



Fixed/Added for GDS Tracker

  • BB now loads only the new GDS tracker, unless the option below is set.  There is no longer an option to use the old tracker or stop the new one from loading.  If the BBDesktop registry option “UseOldGDSTracker” is set  (hklm or hkcu software/launchmagic/bbdesktop/settings  dword = 1) then the old tracker will load but the events will only be sent to TOI (a plugin with script id 1297 or 1481).  This will ensure that TOI keeps operating with bb/genie using the new tracker for everything else
  • Fixed issue where Genie wouldn’t fire on GDS Commands with leading spaces in Sabre
  • Fixed issue where Tracker didn’t recognize TP as a credit card code
  • Fixed issue where EndAirportCode displayed incorrectly when Endcode was followed by a terminal also beginning with a letter in Amadeus
  • Fixed issue where Availability Commands with Time were not populating the time in the new UI



Fixed/Added for Admin Site

  • Added functionality for Copy to Clipboard feature in Chrome and Fire Fox
  • Added New Genie “Connection” Variables to the Admin site for FlightAvailabilityResponseOriginDestination and FlightSoldOriginDestination
  • Added Last Ran date to Edit Usernames Assigned to Group page of the Admin site
  • Added Prepare for Download to the Group Alternate Airports page on the admin site
  • Added Notification Window name to the list box for Close Named Notification Window
  • Changed the default sort order on the Computers by Group page to be in Last Run order
  • Alphabetized the Genie Action Choices on the Admin site
  • Fixed issue where null reference exception was being returned when navigating to Welcome the page
  • Fixed issue where Enable/Disable Supplier option for all groups was available in deleted groups
  • Fixed issue where a save was being prevented when a regional prompt was edited
  • Fixed issue where incorrect Group number was displayed when adding a prompt in User Defined Regions
  • Fixed issue where long Notification Window names were being appended
  • Fixed issue where Admin site was showing the same shared group twice
  • Fixed issue where the Manage Look Up Tables page was blank in the event of a database timeout
  • Fixed issue where editing two (or more) prompts at the same time, in separate browser tabs but in the same session, would cause the changes made to the first prompt end up affecting the second prompt instead.
  • Optimized managing lookup table tokens



Known issues in 427: 

  • GDS Fare Search: sending the MD command in Apollo repeats the current screen instead of displaying the additional details causing an endless loop.
  • GDS Fare Search: Email button not functional in IFQ window
  • GDS Fare Search: Document button not adding comments to GDS record in IFQ
  • GDS Fare Search: Currency conversions not displaying for Sabre in IFQ
  • IFQ: Clicking the Email column outside of the checkbox adds an exception to the logs (In 426)
  • Availability: Supplier Options UI window header is blank (In 426)
  • New UI: Missing translations (In 426)
  • Configuration form: Sorting grid on Prompts tab by Trace column adds an exception to the logs (In 426)
  • NW: Missing parenthesis from end of LT_Combine statement causes BBDesktop process to hang (In 426)




Release Notes for Version 426M3 Version 2.426.15322.1 - 12/15/15


Admin Site: 

  • Corrected an issue where newly created companies were did not have global shared prompts
  • Fixed an issue when copying lookup tables that would not allow a user to enter a new name for the table
  • Prompts will now show a last edited entry when the action edited is run genie script or load plugin
  • Added a reminder to name notification windows when nesting them
  • Added the Notification window name to the edit actions list for the display notification window action
  • Added request report link to the admin site
  • A link has been added for release notes next to the installation link of the group page
  • Computer lists are now exportable (computers assigned to this group and all computers pages)
  • Removed link for Custom City pair message from the group page
  • The installation link on the group page has been updated to download 426M3
  • Changed default sort on view computers to last check in date
  • Added a link to view Terminal server computers on the view all computers page
  • Show full BB version numbers where version numbers are listed for a computer



  • Fixed an issue where you could not select a new logging option on the diagnostics tab until a previous selection was unchecked.
  • Fixed a number of issues with the Update process that could result in update errors, or prevent updating for 10 minutes or until BBDesktop was restarted
  • A notification tooltip has been added when BBDesktop is about to automatically restart due to updates
  • Fixed an issue where multiple instances of BBDesktop could be seen in add/remove programs after installing an update
  • Fixed an issue where some math was incorrectly handled in the macro processor when one item had no value
  • Fixed the Worldspan pricing record 4/R entry to correctly place the /
  • Fixed Pricing Record entries for computers with region and language settings that do not use a period for decimals


New UI:

  • Allow selection of trip to be made if text of the trip is selected
  • Selecting a date in the popup calendar now causes the entries below to have their dates incremented
  • Fixed an issue where entering new/additional city pairs did not honor the include serving suppliers or include alternate airport checkboxes
  • Fixed an error when trying to send and IFQ error to support
  • Fixed an issue where recheck open web browsers didn’t work
  • Fixed an issue where some suppliers were not in the results when enabled
  • Fixed an issue where the AC passenger page was not being properly filled out
  • The search tab now handles the 24-hour time setting
  • Changed the availability notification window layout when only serves airlines are present and settings indicate they should not be listed individually



  • Fixed an issue where some flight segments were not being read from Sabre flight availability responses
  • Fixed an issue where a name entered into a PNR may not have a value for GDSFullName
  • Fixed an issue with multiple IF statements being used in notification windows causing an error
  • Fixed an issue with the formatting of the Send Email Action
  • Fixed an issue where using an & in the Send Email Action would cause the text after it to be missing



Release Notes for Version 426M2 Version 2.426.15281.1 - 10/27/15

  • Added SegmentReference Variable to confirmation settings (End of Confirmation)
  • Fixed issue where clicking Update button multiple times in succession causes update to stop
  • Added validation checks when looking up a PNR against a record locator
  • Fixed rendering issue in “Ask user for input” Genie action which caused some boxes to appear as blacked out
  • Added missing Supplier Settings Variables back to confirmation settings (AccountingVendorCode and CustomData variables)
  • Updated Amadeus Pricing Record to correct TTI Tax Code to match old behavior
  • Entering a confirmation on a computer with a language other than English no longer translates month abbreviations for GDS entry


New GDS Tracker

  • Corrected issue where when BeginDate variable was today, the year was incorrect
  • Hotel Cancellation Events on Prompts Tab will no longer appear as a number instead of text


New UI

  • Availability login list now has “none” option
  • Recent and favorite lists no longer allow dupes
  • Fixed an error in IFQ legacy conversion
  • Login passwords in supplier settings are now displayed and saved
  • Resolved issue where new IFQ Email was inconsistent with admin site and old IFQ emails
  • The Availability Calendar control no longer shows un-selectable months of dates
  • Resolved Confirmation handler dialog size issues when accessibility options are used on the user’s display settings
  • Added a new User Interface for the Confirmation Handler




Release Notes for Version 426M1 Version 2.426.15261.1 - 9/24/15

  • Fixed issue that allowed BBD to open multiple instances of the "Are you sure you want Exit/Restart" dialongs.
  • Fixed issue where guard times reset when promps are changed and settings are updated
  • Fixed issue where Unique Airline List Vaariable was not beign populated
  • Fixed issue where NW has close box even though 'Allow Cancel' was not selected



Build 426 Installer Build Release Notes Version 2.426.15219.1 - 9/8/15

  • Fixed issue  where Genie Lookup Table  “Not Exists in Column” condition didn’t work
  • Fixed issue where Date formats are being entered literally instead of being translated to the actual date values
  • Fixed igroupid not set in wwint
  • Fixed issue where Feature Code enter was not set to the validate button
  • Fixed Set Development Script dialog tab order
  • Fixed issue that returns “Error 417 Expectation Failed” when trying to update with 423.
  • Removed view tracking state button from GDS tab
  • Added more variables to Genie cancel events in relation to GDSTracker
  • Fixed issue where BBD code no longer registers unless a specific option was specified on the command line
  • Client ID issues
  • Updated DisplayPNR response logic for Sabre to handle common scenarios without a record locator or with the "record locator on top" setting
  • Fixed issues with Ask user for Input prompt action not bringing the window to the top of the Z order



Build 425R197 - 8/5/15

  • Fixed GDSCommand and GDSResponse variables not being populated after ClearPNR event
  • Fixed version numbering to not skip shared assembly info files




Previous Iterations of Builds 423 to 425

  • Fixed an issue with the macro processor where the user prompt was not always functioning correctly
  • Fixed an issue with the new confirmation handler where it wasn’t handling airlines where the airline code began with a number
  • Added more logging to the GDS macro processing
  • Updated confirmation handler to have a different TST line for Amadeus in India; the rest of the world has the same as we’ve always done
  • Variables set during the confirmation process, such as by a user prompt, now are available in all confirmation macros after the one that set the variable.  Previously they were only available in the section where they were set.
  • GDS Tracker has been updated to add connecting airport information for the Flight Availability Response Origin Destination and Flight Sold Origin Destination Genie events
  • When restarting, BB now closes all of its associated processes, such as lmgdsint.exe, lmgdsfnc.exe and others to ensure none of its files are in use.
  • Turned off the memory reduction by default, since usage is generally not an issue.  It can be enabled (typically in a terminal server environment) by setting the registry option EnableTrimWorkingSet to 1.  Without this enabled notification windows should be more responsive.
  • Fixed an issue where some notification windows would not appear when clicking the Test button on the admin site.
  • Fixed an issue where the IFQ email custom formats were not working
  • Fixed an issue where the IFQ email formats did not include the flight date
  • Added an additional variable to IFQ email to put the flight duration in a date format so formatting like “h:mm” can be used.  The previous variable has the duration in seconds.
  •  Fixed an issue where some settings changes, such as the IFQ email macros, were not taking effect until after a restart
  •  Updated script engine to 10.30.026 to fix an issue where certain scripts were not working.
  •  Increased the timeout when submitting support requests from 100 seconds to 4.5 minutes
  • Fixed some Genie notification window issues with regions
  • Issue when using Multiple style NWs, prompts set-up for middle/right outside the GDS appearing as upper left of the whole screen
  •  Issue when Standard style NW prompt is set to auto size but it appears as a small box containing with a slider that must be used to view the NW contents
  •  Issue with multiple monitors when the NW is set to be in relation to the GDS and the GDS is NOT on the main display, the notification window was on the main monitor on the top left
  •  Issue with NW positioning for Outside Right
  •  Issue with NW positioning when the vertical positioning is absolute/percentage/center
  • Fixed an issue where the Group Language Code was not being reset when changing into a group where the code was not set
  •  Fixed an issue where the IFQ email formats were always showing empty for the class of service
  • Fixed an issue where when clicking Update Settings from the tray menu, the diagnostics form would display incorrectly.
  • Added foreign language translation to the tray icon hover text
  • Fixed an issue where the logging and support requests did not always contain the correct version name of Windows
  • Fixed an issue where the data updater may have been run from an incorrect location
  • Fixed some issues with unusual proxy servers when updating data
  • Updated script engine now handles callbacks from new confirmation handler
  • Fixed an issue where “Read From Variables” when using Lookup Tables in the prompt conditions was not working.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking Send to Support on the Trace Prompt form was sending all the data except the prompt trace data.
  • Updated the new confirmation handler to allow customization of Amadeus confirmations via Genie scripts
  • Updated the data updater so that there is an option to have no backup data in AppData.  With roaming profiles, some customers want to minimize the data in the roaming profile.  This new option checks at startup to see if any required data files are missing from LocalAppData; if so, a full data update is done.
  • Added the ability for BB to restart itself when certain data files are downloaded from our server that cannot be loaded dynamically.  This also applies to updated plugins where a new version needs to be loaded.
  • Fixed an issue where some data elements were not appearing in the Profile Requested Genie event
  • The new confirmation handler will function for all GDSs
  • Fixed an issue where the new confirmation handler could send some of the confirmation commands to the wrong GDS if multiple GDSs are open
  • The .7z files installed in [program files]\ BookingBuilder are no longer copied to the AppData\BookingBuilder folder.  They are unzipped directly from [program files]\BookingBuilder



Build 422 (released 2014-09-03) 

  • Fixed an issue with notification windows where a window that is taller than the screen would cause an out of memory error
  • Added language translation to all areas where it was missing
  • Increased the size of some forms so German text will fit
  • Fixed an issue where Duration was showing as 0 when documenting IFQ results
  • The General tab on the configuration form now shows UserName and the username if username-based registration is enabled.
  • When shutting down the application checks in with our server and sends up any statistical data not yet sent, just like the 300 series.
  • Fixed an issue with notification windows not appearing correctly sometimes in Windows XP
  • Updated the data updater to download data in batches up to 2 meg in size.  This can be reduced or increased by setting a registry key.  This is very useful for customers with slow internet connections.



 Build 421 (released 2014-08-01) 

  • Fixed an issue where editing a profile-post-process script and then saving with “prepare for download” check could cause BB to crash
  • Fixed an issue where the “Test” button when editing a notification window on the admin website did not work unless at least 1 notification window already appeared in Genie
  • Removed unused menu choices when right-clicking a notification window
  • Fixed an issue where the new data updater could leave information from a previous group when switching groups.  This only affected functionality not yet released, so it does not cause any issues in 420.
  • Updated the profile dialog so that a script can pre-select a phone number
  • Fixed an issue where GDS Tracker logging was not enabled unless enhanced logging was enabled at startup
  • Added a mini splash-type screen showing “restoring data” at the initial startup
  • Moved most local data from the original “pulse” web service to the new updater.  This should significantly reduce bandwidth from our server to the client software.
  • Moved statistics zipping to 7zip, which will reduce the upload size.
  • Added ability to switch to UserName-based authentication
  • Backup/restore of local files now handles deleting of individual files
  • Fixed an issue where the ask user for information in Genie prompts was not working correctly
  • Added a registry key option to prevent the data updater from backing up data to appdata.  In most environments the backup is not necessary since local appdata is not erased, so it can be disabled if desired.  Set either HKLM or HKCU Software\LaunchMagic\BBDesktop\Settings dword BackupFiles = 0.
  • Fixed an issue where the Genie events Flight Availability Response Origin Destination and Flight Sold Origin Destination were not showing the correct destination airport if the flight was a connection
  • Added an option to display/edit the tracking script (BB development use only)
  • Fixed an issue where the titles drop-down was not appearing on the profile screen
  • Fixed an issue where clicking “display different profile” on the profile dialog could result in getting a profile without the TSA data
  • Updated script engine to latest version –
  • The data updater now triggers Genie to load prompts as soon as the data download is done; it continues to run to backup the databases.  This allows prompt updates to load more quickly.
  • The GDS interface files are now included with teh installer.  Previously these were downloaded from our server and took effect after BookingBuilder was restarted (which meant that on a new install, often BB did not connect to the GDS until after a restart).



 Build 420 (released 2014-06-18)

  • Added a new box in the trace prompt dialog for the specific prompt trace data
  • Updated how much of the prompt trace data looks, including making the condition results display more information and easier to read
  • Replaced the logger with a new one that should perform better
  • Replaced the data updater with a new one that is much faster and much more capable.  All the local databases changed as well, and are now encrypted.
  • The databases, images and downloaded files (such as GDS interfaces) are all stored in the Local Appdata folder, which can get erased on some computers at logout.  Because of the size of these files, they can slow down roaming profiles, which is why they are in Local Appdata.  These are now zipped and copied in Appdata (roaming) and are then unzipped when the app first starts.  This minimizes the size of the files in Appdata (roaming) and fully handles Local Appdata being erased.  The 7zip engine is used with lzma compression so we get the maximum compression and minimum file sizes in Appdata (roaming).
  • Fixed an issue with Genie notification windows where the icon could be incorrect when a mini window was minimized – this only affected windows where the icon was explicitly set
  • Implemented some profile functions for plugins to ensure backward compatibility with the 300 series.
  • The Genie action Launch Browser now always launches IE, regardless of the default browser setting.  This will change to launch the default browser in the future when support for other browsers is fully implemented.
  • All local databases are now encrypted, including the backups.