BookingBuilder Genie

Prompt employees to maximize income on every booking
Quality control at point of sale, not mid-office
Minimize wasteful agency debit memos
Pricing: Less than $17 / €15.50 per terminal, per month
Introducing A Travel Agent’s Best Friend
How It Works
I Want To: Maximize My Preferred Supplier Deals And Other Revenues
I Want To: Minimize My Agency Debit Memos
I Want To: Improve Personal Service To My Customers
I Want To: Be More Productive
I Want To: Have A Staff Communications System
I Want To: Increase My Online Travel Transactions
I Want To: Minimize Non-Productive Staff Activity
I Want To: Pay Very Little For All Of The Above!


Testimonial 1

 "BB Genie is a blessing for us and the tool is fantastic.  It is great that there is continual enhancement fo the product."

Subhas, Assistant Operations Manager, UAE

Testimonial 2

 "We have been using BB Genie for almost two years and the ROI has been incredible. In that time, we have cut down recall commissions by thousands of dollars, and debit memos have decreased, while business for our preferred suppliers has risen dramatically."

Mary Ellen, Travel Management Company which appears on Travel Weekly Power List, USA

Testimonial 3

 "Genie provides the highest ROI of any technology tool we use!"

Joe, Corporate Travel Manager, USA

 Testimonial 4

 "I didn't realize how dynamic Genie is.  Its like buying a car and not realizing you bought a Porche!"

Henry, Systems Support, USA

Testimonial 5

 "This tool has been so beneficial to our agents we really can’t say enough about it!"

Paul, Systems Manager, USA