BookingBuilder Genie

Prompt employees to maximize income on every booking
Quality control at point of sale, not mid-office
Minimize wasteful agency debit memos
Pricing: Less than $17 / €15.50 per terminal, per month
Introducing A Travel Agent’s Best Friend
How It Works
I Want To: Maximize My Preferred Supplier Deals And Other Revenues
I Want To: Minimize My Agency Debit Memos
I Want To: Improve Personal Service To My Customers
I Want To: Be More Productive
I Want To: Have A Staff Communications System
I Want To: Increase My Online Travel Transactions
I Want To: Minimize Non-Productive Staff Activity
I Want To: Pay Very Little For All Of The Above!

How BookingBuilder Genie Works

BookingBuilder Genie intelligently and invisibly monitors your front-line agents as they work on the GDS or Internet. Key words and other details typed in by the agent trigger Genie to flash relevant reminders, offers, advice, assistance and other prompts on their screen.

Each prompt is aimed at maximising revenue, improving client service or reducing costs. The triggers for the prompts are highly customisable and can be based on traveller names, destinations/routes, dates or many other options.


Name trigger creates an UNUSED TICKET MATCH

The agent keys in the name of their customer while making a booking. As the agent continues working, BB Genie quickly checks the name on a list of passengers with unused airline tickets. If there is a match, BB Genie prompts the agent to try to use the ticket for the current trip request.

Destination/route trigger generates a PREFERRED SUPPLIER SALE

The agent keys in a city pair. BB Genie recognises it is served by an airline with an incentive agreement and alerts the agent to book the carrier if appropriate for the traveller. The specified destination can also trigger prompts about a wide range of relevant cross-selling opportunities, including hotels, ground transportation and tours.

Date trigger produces a TIMELY TRAVEL ADVISORY

The agent keys in the date a traveller intends to visit a foreign country. BB Genie sees the country has a public holiday at the destination on this date. It prompts the agent, who warns the traveller. Travel advisories of all kinds can be loaded into the database.

Faster Internet access/automated booking process

BB Genie also creates short cuts which help agents find what they need on the Internet quickly and speeds up the online booking process. In fact, it is so smart that it can automatically fill in traveller and agency data on many websites – the agent can complete an Internet booking without typing a single key-stroke!

Selling foreign currency

A client is booking a foreign trip. BB Genie prompts the agent to ask if they require foreign currency. If the client says yes, one click takes the agent to the order page of a preferred currency supplier’s website. To make the process even faster, BB Genie can fill in many of the order details automatically from the client’s PNR.

The technical stuff

GDS compatibility – BB Genie can be used with any of the main GDSs: Abacus, Amadeus, Apollo, Galileo, Sabre and Worldspan.

Highly customisable – Display messages in any design you want. Add graphics, photos and even animation of your choice. You can also configure different prompts for different parts of your business – corporate, leisure, meetings, incentives. The great flexibility and variation in the prompts means the agent will never ignore the message.

Customer support – We are there for you as you get started and beyond. As part of your 30-day free trial, we give you plenty of help with configuring BB Genie to your precise needs. We also provide a step-by-step web-based training programme. What is more, all the configuration is done on the BookingBuilder website, so you don’t have to distribute any configuration files internally.

Still need help? No problem: we have a comprehensive support section on this website, and we provide e-mail contact addresses and a number to call if you want to speak to someone.