BookingBuilder Genie

Prompt employees to maximize income on every booking
Quality control at point of sale, not mid-office
Minimize wasteful agency debit memos
Pricing: Less than $17 / €15.50 per terminal, per month
Introducing A Travel Agent’s Best Friend
How It Works
I Want To: Maximize My Preferred Supplier Deals And Other Revenues
I Want To: Minimize My Agency Debit Memos
I Want To: Improve Personal Service To My Customers
I Want To: Be More Productive
I Want To: Have A Staff Communications System
I Want To: Increase My Online Travel Transactions
I Want To: Minimize Non-Productive Staff Activity
I Want To: Pay Very Little For All Of The Above!

Introducing BookingBuilder Genie: A Travel Agent's Best Friend

BookingBuilder Genie helps agents boost their revenue and customer service on every reservation.

Agents cannot remember every detail of preferred suppliers or travellers’ special requirements, so all of this information can be programmed into Genie. As the agent works through a booking, Genie prompts them with relevant reminders to ensure they make the right choices every time.

Examples of the power of BB Genie include:  

1. Revenue Enhancement

Remind agents which airlines on a route offer special booking incentives.

Remind agents to sell profitable extras, like insurance and foreign currency.

2. Cutting Costs Through Improved Quality Control

Slash agency debit memos by assisting agents with the right booking data and formats.

3. Customer Service

Remind agents of travellers’ unused tickets.

Remind agents of travellers’ preferences, like loyalty programs benefits.

Provide destination-specific security advisories.

4. Global Account Servicing

Deliver consistent policy adherence whether servicing your clients from London, Bombay, Johannesburg or Kansas City!

Genie – the right information at the right time!