BookingBuilder Desktop

Never miss a Web fare
Cut Web booking times by 75%
Pricing: Less than $22 / €20 per terminal, per month
Intro: One-Stop Fare Shopping
End The Web Booking Nightmare
How It Works
I Want To: See Regular And Non-GDS Fares Together
I Want To: Cut Web Fare Booking Times
I Want To: Eliminate Booking Input Errors
I Want To: Keep Our Workflow Simple
I Want To: Book Efficiently
I Want To: Pay Very Little For All Of The Above!

I Want To: Keep Our Workflow Simple


One thing our agency customers love about BB Desktop is they can continue working in the GDS environment their front-line agents know so well. It makes them much faster.

BB Desktop is also designed to be as neat and unobtrusive as possible:

  • Information on low-cost carrier alternatives pops up in a small yellow box in a corner of the GDS screen.
  • Fare searches don’t open new windows on the screen unless you open a notification window or click a hotkey.


You can configure BB Desktop to work for you pretty much any way you like. Examples include:

  • Profile all web bookings – Want to skip the GDS/Web fare comparison and go straight to a website to book your seat? No problem. BB Desktop can still pre-populate the website booking screen with passenger profile details and then transfer the completed reservation back to the GDS.
  • Create agent groups – Configure BB Desktop in different ways for different employees. You can configure your leisure team to list only selected airlines and not access corporate IDs, while your business team can be configured to offer all airlines and access all corporate IDs. If you have offices in other countries or regions, settings can be customised separately for each of them.
  • Turn client self-bookings into PNRs – Even if corporate clients make airline website bookings themselves, you can use BB Desktop to convert information provided by the client into PNRs to maximise management information coverage.
  • Customise your agent prompts – Use the little yellow box to remind your agents which airlines are offering special incentives. You can also indicate which carriers you prefer them to book within the GDS after verifying the fares offered online.