BookingBuilder Desktop

Never miss a Web fare
Cut Web booking times by 75%
Pricing: Less than $22 / €20 per terminal, per month
Intro: One-Stop Fare Shopping
End The Web Booking Nightmare
How It Works
I Want To: See Regular And Non-GDS Fares Together
I Want To: Cut Web Fare Booking Times
I Want To: Eliminate Booking Input Errors
I Want To: Keep Our Workflow Simple
I Want To: Book Efficiently
I Want To: Pay Very Little For All Of The Above!

I Want To: Dramatically Reduce Online Booking Times

On average, BB Desktop cuts the time it takes to book a web fare by 75%:

  • Slash your search times – No more hunting through a dozen different websites to check which airlines fly on a route.
  • Slash your booking and management time – BB Desktop virtually eliminates switching back and forth between the airline website and customer’s GDS profile to enter passenger information. Instead, all the profile details flow automatically into the booking, and then the reservation details flow automatically back into the GDS when the booking is completed.

Saving Time, Saving Money.

The good news for front-line agents is that BB Desktop cuts out the dullest part of your job. If you are an agency owner, it’s even better news, because it means your employees can concentrate on selling more travel!