BookingBuilder Technologies

BookingBuilder Technologies is a leading software innovator for the travel industry. We create applications that assist travel professionals at the point-of-sale. Staffed with travel industry veterans, we offer a unique level of expertise in developing applications that interact with global distribution systems (GDSs) and other travel distribution channels such as supplier websites and direct connects. Our goals are to boost profitability for our customers and to make travel industry jobs more enjoyable by automating repetitive tasks and improving data flow between applications.

BookingBuilder Desktop
If you book more than a handful of airline tickets on the internet, you need BB Desktop to make your job easier. This amazing software bridges internet and GDS bookings and decreases transaction time by 75%!
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BookingBuilder Genie
Agency Managers: Looking for a way to communicate with your travel agents during the transaction? BB Genie supports your preferred suppliers, improves customer service and many other benefits.   
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We offer other innovative and unique products, including:

Swabiz Connect Swabiz Integrated Content Geniefor Airline Reservations Centers